Monday, June 14

Back to the Island: The Mailing List

So it turns out that gmail is, like, the worst when it comes to Mass Mailing.

Since I'm not savvy with the technology, I had no idea that this was the case.

I'm looking into some simple, free/cheap services to help me get the first email out to those of you on the Back to the Island mailing list, and should have things worked out by weeks' end.




  1. Suggestion- set up a Google group for the email you are sending out

  2. if not this looks nice:

  3. shnike, that bulk for free is only 100/day

  4. Yea Gmail sucks for that. I also found out the hard way. I would suggest the Google Group as Todd said, and if you have more than 100, do it over 2 days. That will save you from having to set up an entire new email address.

  5. Thanks for the advice, guys. Very much appreciated!

  6. is another good one to try!

  7. JDR22 Here...

    So everything stopped apparently.

    I just caught the LOST Epilogue on (I know it's bootlegged, but I had to see it).

    I must say... I'm underwhelmed. Not much was revealed. And the bit about Walt... Hmmm... Still not sure about that.

    I loved The End, but the more time passes, the more I think the mythology sort of petered out. Oh well...

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  9. Are you still doing a Lost mailing list? I'd be interested.