Tuesday, August 11

Collision (S2 ep 8)


  1. I'm late to the game reading this, and I have no idea if anyone ever will read this comment, but I can't help but notice that not a single answer matches up with Gilgamesh in that crossword. I have a hard time believing that the editors missed that in such a detail oriented show. This is an amazing blog, thanks for all the time and effort.

  2. Thanks for reading, Steel. I love the 'recent comments' feature because it ensures I'll see people's thoughts on past episodes. Good catch on the Gilgamesh puzzle. It doesn't match up at all, and it seems likely that the writers simply wanted to use it to introduce the (sadly abbreviated) parallels between Gilgamesh and Enkidu and Locke and Eko.

    Leaving the show to do G.I. Joe ranks up there with some of the poorest career choices I've seen.

  3. Really?!? Is that why he left the show? That's shameful, downright shameful.

    Man, I can state enough how cool your column is. I started reading one bored day(among many) at work and got to the beginning of season two before I realized it was time to rewatch it myself. We went to the used movie store and got all 5 seasons for 90 bucks.

    Thanks for replying, it's cool you can still see new comments. I'm sure I'll have more along the way and thanks for the good work!

  4. From what I understand Adewale's parents had died recently, and he wished to take some time off from acting. He didn't have a long-term contract to begin with, so they went ahead and killed him in Season 3. Though GI Joe wasn't the best career choice . . .