Thursday, August 27

Dharma Station Break

It's been a nutty week, so there won't be a column up til tomorrow. In the meantime, consider this post a space for you to talk about your expectations for the final season. What are you most looking forward to? What are you dreading? What 'must' be answered? What can be left ambiguous?
I'd love to hear your thoughts, and I'll publish the most interesting comments in my next Too Much Information column.


  1. Recently I decided to stop having specific expectations for shows I liked as they came to an end. Specific expectations, unless the show runners have choreographed plot points blatantly, inevitably end up turning out differently than you hoped. So you are disappointed, when perhaps you shouldn't be, by the things that didn't happen, rather than appreciating the things that did.

    With that in mind, my one expectation for Lost is that the ending feel natural when held up against the rest of the show. If it does that, I can forgive minor faults. Now it goes without saying that for the ending to feel natural and organic, a lot of questions are going to need to be answered, but I'm trying my best not to make a mental list of the questions I want answered. Some major ones, like "what is the ultimate nature of the smoke monster," are unavoidable, but I'm trying to approach the finale as generally as possible.

  2. I think the one place on the island I am most looking forward to is the Temple. It has been talked about for seasons, and I assume the producers have been saving it as one heck of a large reveal.

  3. I suspect that the Temple is not at all what one would think it may be. Whereas the wall around the Temple that we have seen is very ancient and the tunnels beneath it - where Smoky seems to live - are as well, there is no requirement that the actual Temple could be something very different than what the name and surroundings imply. It could exceptionally modern or naturalistic. However, I doubt that it looks just like the walls that surround it.