Monday, August 31

Maternity Leave (S2, ep. 15)

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  1. The medical station has a door labeled "Escape Hatch." How interesting/ominous.

    Tom berates Ethan for not turning in a list. Ben asked for lists in three days and Ethan was in the camp for a good two weeks before they discovered he wasn't one of them. Why was he so slow on submitting a list?

    We see in "Two for the Road" and later episodes that Ben is perfectly capable of attacking and taking down someone. Why doesn't he try to escape? Is he, like Season 4, "exactly where he wants to be"?

  2. Yea Resident 01, I caught that also about the "Escape Hatch" and I got a good chuckle out of it.

    I never put the list timing together. Interesting. And why was Ethan making a list to begin with? Thought all lists came from Jacob. Hmmmm.

    I think you were right, Ben was exactly where he wanted to be. He could, like the master manipulater he is, learn as much as possible about these people, break them down mentally, and pit them against each other.