Monday, September 14

Dave (S2, ep. 18)

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  1. I am glad they never followed up with the Libby story line. It was a perfect example of how unwieldy Lost became in the 24 episodes a season format. One other interesting point about Hurley is how in season 4 he was able to find the cabin. Although I am not clear what function the cabin served, I feel it most likely was a prison for the MiB. I Assume Hurley will once again be face to face with MiB (as Locke) which may be one of the bigger episode cliffhangers next season.

  2. Hey, Edward. I'm enjoying your thoughts and comments - thanks for posting them. I think you're right about the Cabin-as-prison idea. Check out "Too Much Information 3" to see my thoughts on that topic.

    Hurley's ability to find the cabin links nicely with his ability to see the 'dead'.

  3. I've mentioned this previously, MMorse, your talk of the Island as a 'dark god' here seems to jibe with my theory that the Island is constrained by some force (be it Jacob or a larger set of 'rules' it must follow the letter of, if not the spirit) but skews toward the malevolent when it has its own way.

  4. I've been looking forward to your review of this specific episode for awhile. When I watched it a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the same stuff that grabbed you - particularly Ben's statement that God can't see the island.

    But what also grabbed me was the idea that some seemingly island-derived entity was trying to manipulate Hurley into effectively into isolating himself and then killing himself and leaving no evidence of a body behind. I don't believe the island needs a dead body to recreate someone who only existed in the mind in the first place. This was an exception of the rule (No island presence needed to scan the mind of a dead body posthumously - a la Miles - if the person was an imaginary friend that resided wholly in the mind of an island resident. Lost giveth clues and it taketh them away)

    In retrospect, this episode coupled with Eko's experience with a vengeful "Yemi' in "The Cost of Living" serve as twin clues as to the Nemesis' goal. This episode reeks of the Nemesis to me. He has been trying to find a vessel that he can occupy to influence another vessel to do a deed he himself cannot do. In order to do that, he has to get an influential person to dispose of himself. It stuns me that we were shown this as early in Season 2 (following an evaluation of John Locke early in Season 1). In true Lost fashion, it was also shown in a way that was inconsistent with itself (Eko's experience with a returned body vs. Hurley's with a returned image).

    So that's about all I have to add. To anyone not wanting to read ahead to Season 3 stop. But s relevant point, but a little spoilerish is this:

    I was also stunned to see early in Season 3 that the others - Jacob's People - dispose of their dead by setting them aflame and casting them to sea away from the island. No body on the island. No body in the island. No body anywhere.