Thursday, September 10

Lockdown (S2, ep. 17)


  1. I tried to post a comment on the forum on CHUD but it wouldn't let me.

    Anyway, thanks for another great column. I have always thought - even back when the show first aired - that the appearance of the food pallet at the end of the show explained why the lockdown occurred.

    My thought was that apparently those inside the Swan were not supposed to see the pallet drop, arrive or mysteriously materialize. When some sensor in the station detected the pallet, it would trigger the doors to close. Once the pallet had landed and whatever transport was gone, then they would reopen.

    Why they would lock someone out of the button pushing area, I don't know, but there were supposed to be two people down there. And where the pallet came from I don't know either.

    But it is possible that the pallet was dropped at another point in time but didn't reach the island until much later (the reverse of the freighter's doctor washing up on shore in season four), or that a small group of the Hanso Foundation was still indeed supplying the button pushers in the hatch because even though the purge had occurred, the button needed pushing to save the world..

  2. I also seem to remember seeing a screen cap, or mention on a commentary, of Ben writing in his diary that his group had mysteriously been missing a food shipment drop. If that is true, then maybe the reason Ben was near the Swan in the first place (and thus mistakenly caught by the crazy lady) was he was on the hunt for the shipment of food. With time being so fungible, ben being on a search a day or so too early is plausible.