Friday, April 30

Apropos of Nothing

Morning, all!

I don't want this page laying dormant all week, so how about the first official picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

Grip your mighty Mjolnir in excitement and click here.


  1. Loki:
    "That thou hast fared
    on the East-road forth
    To men shouldst thou say no more;
    In the thumb of a glove
    didst thou hide, thou great one,
    And there forgot thou wast Thor."

    "Unmanly one, cease,
    or the mighty hammer,
    Mjollnir, shall close thy mouth;
    My right hand shall smite thee
    with Hrungnir's slayer,
    Till all thy bones are broken."

    - Poetic Edda

    - The Mighty Thor, Marvel Comics

  2. Sweet! However, I do need to see a pic with him holding the hammer up to make my final analysis.

  3. I agree with Darth.

    Hey, did you abandon whatever Lost related thing you said you were going to do this week? We've been at the bit over it.

  4. Anon,

    I'm afraid that work got in the way. Luckily (or not, I suppose, depending on your POV), that material is definately going to find its way into the book. It's substantive, and to me, very interesting. Apologies for the bit-chomping on your end!