Saturday, April 10

Happily Ever After (S6, Ep. 11

The Back to the Island column for "Happily Ever After" has experienced enlightenment for your reading pleasure on


  1. I just realized I think it would have made more sense had Matthew Abaddon been Desmond's driver instead of Minkowski. Abaddon had already worked as a driver for Widmore driving around Locke. His job seems to be to "get people to wear they need to be".

  2. Very enjoyable writeup! Any comment on Desmond having a wedding band on the flight? Continuity error or ... well, I don't know what.

  3. How do we know the Desmond we saw on the plane was the one that was actually on the plane?

    Him disappearing was too odd to just disregard.

  4. Morse, I absolutely love your columns. I tell my lost-obsessed friends to read it after we watch Lost every week. I'm glad you decided to write! At least, in this timeline ;)

    I get an eerie vibe from Minkowski. I don't know if it is because he's too eager to fufill Desmond's every wish or if he's playing a spy-like-role.

    This episode felt like a "thanks for keeping up with Lost!" show. There were so many points where all of my friends and I yelled at the tv because it was all unexpected and amazing at the same time. I feel sad for those who are trying to catch up - they're probably pretty lost. Get it? Haa

  5. This season is definitely the writers giving the actors some meat to chew on. The implications of the timelines being aware is beyond interesting. The only glimpse of 2004 in 2007 is Juliet's dying words. But obviously this episode opened the can of worms- Seems as if only one of these timelines can be legit? Or can they?

  6. I've got a theory: What if there is a reason the flash sideways show 2004 instead of 2007*? What if they are flashbacks as well as flashsideways and in the parallel 2007 we will witness the catastrophic outcome of Smokey and/or the "Evil" being released? (I'm believe MMorse's theory that the island is a nexus similar to the Dark Tower and that the opening of Pandora's tropical box of evil electromagnetic energy (EEE) will annihilate all the possible worlds (or at least, the two we are aware of).)

    *By the way, I believe the second reason for showing parallel 2004 is the fact that only in the 815 flight, all the candidates were present and near the island, so that the connection of their conciousnesses happened then. The only exception seems to be Desmond, who established the mind-jump before the plane even started. But he was hit by electromagnetism later, so maybe there's a reciprocal temporal effect.

    P.S.: I got mentioned in the column. Yay! :)

  7. I thought it was the same marina where Ben shot Desmond. Could be both, I suppose.

  8. JDR22 Here...

    Another great write-up, as usual MMorse (in fact, the best on I've read on 'Happily Ever After').

    A couple of things I noticed:

    - The sailboat in Widmore's office was more than just a random sailboat. Desmond sailed to The Island in the main timeline on a sailboat. The fact that Desmond was looking at the boat in the Sideways was a wink on the part of the writers. This is obvious, but worth noting.

    - 'The Variable' was a Faraday-centric episode.

    I really enjoyed your insights into the "Oceanic Feeling", it opens up a lot of possibilities.

    Keep up the good work!