Monday, April 19

The Zombie Debate Continues...

Regular visitors on Back to the Island have probably seen my correspondence with an intelligent German reader who questioned my comparison of Sayid to the concept of "philosophical zombies" (or "p-zombies"). While that gentleman and I agreed to disagree on the applicability of the term to Sayid's character, we both agreed that calling him a "zombie" was pretty apt.

Now it looks like Naveen Andrews, the actor who so capably portrays Sayid, might also agree. The new issue of TV Guide features cast photos of the main Lost actors, alongside their responses to TV Guide's question: If you could place your Lost character on another show, what show would it be? Here is Andrews' answer:

"HBO's vampire series, True Blood, where a character as dysfunctional - and potentially undead - as Sayid would actually fit."


Read the entirety of the article (which isn't much - what's up with the trend of running GIGANTIC PHOTOS alongside smatterings of text in magazines? Are we collectively that illiterate these days? /End Old Man Rant) right here, at the Hollywood Reporter.


  1. Yes, yes we are that collectively illiterate these days.

  2. Writing a long, intelligent, thoroughly researched articles with sparingly used quality photos: several professional journalists, a photographer and a lot of time. Blowing up free press material and make telephone interviews with the actors: one intern and an afternoon. It's a question of money, which most of the media doesn't have and/or doesn't want to invest.

    @Zombie-Discussion: Didn't the Lost writing room have a board with lists of living, dead and undead characters? I wonder where Sayid is on that board.