Friday, November 20

D.O.C. (S3, ep. 18)

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  1. It never occurred to me that Ben engineered Kate and Sawyer's . . . encounter. Good thinking. Enjoyed your reference to The Stand.

  2. Eeek, that hadn't occurred to me either. I had assumed that if it was engineered, it was engineered in order to push Jack into doing the surgery, not in order to make them breed (ugh, that's even creepy to type).

    On the other hand, I think I remember seeing a deleted scene where Ben essentially tells Danny to calm down and leave Sawyer alone. Since it was (indirectly) his actions that led to Sawyer and Kate's cage event, maybe it wasn't entirely planned?

  3. I wonder if the high sperm count of the men on the island is Jacob's way of discouraging relationships between the others. A theme you've pointed out is that they seem to live like monks in service to Jacob and his plans. If women get pregnant at a drop of the hat and then die, its pretty safe to say that this would put a damper on any romances that would develop within the group. Who knows though, this was just my initial thoughts on the subject.

  4. Witch Baby,

    If the "baby plague" is the result of Jacob's will, then your thoughts make a lot of sense. But there's also the possibility that the plague is related to the time-anomolies on the Island. I'm looking forward to some answers!



  5. Jin's dad is the best father on this show. He's awesome.

    It's odd that Dharma kept their ultrasound machine in a hidden room.

    We know that Mikhail ha files on all of the Oceanic survivors, but does he have one on Desmond?