Wednesday, November 4

Enter 77 (S3. ep. 11)

The Rewatch Column for "Enter 77" has been packed with C-4 and exploded for your reading pleasure at

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  1. Really enjoying your articles. Lot of insights I wouldn't have come up with on my own. Your work and Doc Jenson's are the best Lost analysis I've seen.

    I know you're going by in-show cannon (How are you going to deal with the Season 4 webisodes?), but if you were curious, Lindelof and Cuse addressed Mikhail's backstory and cat in their podcast.,_2007,_2008

  2. This is nit-picky, but do we really know that Ben was responsible for the Purge? I mean, we know he took part and that he killed his dad as a gesture that let him take command of The Others, but I don't think there's ever been a real indication that the whole thing was Ben's call.

    Nice review, again! I agree with the disinterest in the flashback, which is especially disappointing because it's a Sayid episode and he's had some great flashbacks.

  3. Resident,

    That's one hell of a compliment. Thanks very much. I'm looking forward to checking out the podcast you referred to over the weekend. As for the 'mobisodes,' I'll leave that to you folks. Do you want them covered?


    That's not nitpicky to me - that's sharp thinking. We don't actually know if Ben was 'responsible' for the Purge, just that he took part in it. Thanks for catching my mistake, and thanks, both of you, for reading.