Tuesday, November 10

The Man from Tallahassee (S3, ep. 13)

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  1. During the end run of Season 5, (Trying to remember where I read it, maybe one of Doc Jenson's columns) Lindelof and Cuse said that we'd get more info about Locke's first meeting with the Monster. I wondered why, but in light of the finale, it makes sense. Locke didn't show signs of his deep Island connection (Though he didn't have much of a chance before then, seeing as it had only been a couple days) until after meeting the Monster, so a steady info download is certainly plausible.

    If I remember correctly, the DVD commentary on this episode gave some info/insight into Richard that hasn't been elaborated on much. Among other tidbits, he was described as being very similar to the Panchen Lama.

  2. Juliet interupts Jack's conversation with Kate, telling him "We need to go." Yet they don't leave for a while. Enough time passes for Alex to retrieve the C4 and John to plant it on the sub. Were they packing? Having some sort of debrief with the Others?

    Kidnapping Locke's father indicates, as you said, that they were preparing for Locke. But were they expecting him to find them, or were they going to go after him?

  3. Based on what we know now, especially with Richard knowing who Locke was in the past, I am sure they knew Locke would be coming to them at some point. I have read this statement over and over and still not conviced it makes sense LOL, it's late.