Wednesday, November 4

Enlist Today!

Maybe you've stumbled onto this page by accident, searching for 'atheist russian,' or 'gnostic pizza,' on google. Or maybe you're a Lost fan, and you've found yourself here because you're chomping at the bit for the final season to begin and you need a fix - any fix- to get you through the months ahead. Maybe you're a fan of, and you're enjoying my dependably-scattered and twitterpated ramblings enough to see what 'Back to the Island' holds.

No matter your reason, I'm glad you're here. I'd like to encourage you to subscribe to this page, to click on the Twitter link to the right, or to 'follow' this blog using the button located under the 'newest comments' section of the sidebar. You'll be notified every time something new is posted here, and I'll get that warm fuzzy feeling inside that comes when a blog's viewership rises out of the double digits. Everyone wins!

So come along and join us. I'll feed that hungry lil' monkey on your back.

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