Monday, November 2

Flashes Before Your Eyes (S3, ep. 8)

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  1. One person who also sacrifices in this episode is Charles Widmore. He clearly has a lot of affection for his daughter (Penelope is the reason he was banished from the island), and by manipulating Desmond's course he also ensures a path for his daughter that makes her grow to hate him. Widmore is left with no one by the time Ben goes to visit him in season 4.

  2. I love this episode so's one of my all-time favorites. Desmond and Penny! The start of the time travel mindf***! Eloise Hawking!

    On rewatch I found myself wondering if Widmore and Hawking were in contact during this period in Desmond's life - now that we know a little more about their history. One of the "big questions" I want answered in the final season is who knew what and when. Widmore, Hawking, Ben, Richard - whose side are they on? Whose side do they THINK they're on? How often are they in control, versus just trying to keep up like the 815ers?

    I'm also curious again about Claire - and hopeful that we'll get some answers about her in the final season. In this episode, she's the instrument of Charlie's potential deaths. She (or someone of her likeness) is in Jacob's cabin in a future episode. I feel like she may be significant to the island (or MiB or Jacob) in the same way Desmond and Locke are - getting more "direct" interaction, if you will, than some other survivors.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Jenny!

    I'm hoping that the questions you've asked will be answered this season. I think we need to understand everyone's motives for the show to achieve proper closure.

    I'll be posting my thoughts on Claire as we hurtle forward on the rewatch!


  4. Why does Hawking protest when Desmond tries to buy the ring? Following course correction, and whatever happened, happened, he would eventually realize he wasn't supposed to marry Penny then (As he does indeed realize at the end of the episode) and follow his predetermined path.

    Charlie's a bit of a jerk here. "I know a coward when I see one!" Really? He's a coward for saving Claire from drowning?