Tuesday, February 2

The Incident, Parts I & II (S5, eps. 15 & 16)

The Rewatch Column for "The Incident, Parts I & II" has been murdered in a giant foot for your reading pleasure on Chud.com.


  1. It's interesting that Jack tells Richard not to give up on Locke, given that if his plan works Locke will never end up on the Island.

    Jacob's visit to Locke seems to confirm without a doubt that he's "special", though to what degree I'm unsure.

    Ben was angry and surprised when he discovered Locke had already met Jacob, and he'd always been envious of how Locke had been treated by Richard/the Others. I wonder how mad he's be if he knew about Jacob's visits, particularly Hurley's.

    I enjoyed how open and honest Hurley was with Jacob during their cab ride.

    Congratulations, and thanks for your wonderful rewatch column! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the end.

  2. Morse, congrats from me as well. Really a great capper to EIGHT MONTHS worth of work on your part. As I said before, I'm glad it's not done.

    Couple of things

    Jacob touching Jack: He definitely touches Jack, brushing his finger against him as Jack takes the Apollo bar. He also said the ambiguous "probably needed a little push" at the same time. And on rewatch it appears to me that Jack isn't sure what to make of this possibly intentional brush and sort of reacts as if a strange man is hitting on him and politely excuses himself. Jacob definitely touched him.

    Sun staying put: I like that you identified her differentiator from the other four as having given birth. I'd buy that that would ground her in time as far as the island goes. Wonder what that would mean for Claire who stayed on the island in some form.

    Jacob touching Hurley: He definitely touched his shoulder/arm and left his hand there as he told Hugo that he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to. Also, I can accept that Jacob could exert a peaceful/calming nature that would cause Hugo to feel comfortable, revert to his normal trusting nature and get in the cab and not remember he'd been afraid and paranoid. After all, Hugo starts spilling his guts pretty fast before thinking to ask Jacob who is.

    Jacob's visits: With the exception of Sayid, it seemed that he also "gave" everyone something: Kate-lunchbox, Sawyer-pen, Locke-life/consciousness?, Jack-candy, Kwans-blessing, Hurley-Guitarcase/confidence. He may have also saved Sayid and given him life or he may have taken away his wife. I don't have a conclusion, just a new observation.

    Candidates/Replacement theory: I love this Morse. I don't know if this is the first time this has been advanced, but it's original to me and I think it's pretty brilliant - whether it is a group or an individual. I hadn't analyzed the use of the word candidate before. Hurley - given his ghost-seeing abilities, intuitive nature, compassion and ability to see the cabin and incur Ben's envy - seems a strong likelihood alone or as a group. Seems he may all along have been exhibiting the "leader" signs but everyone looking for them was distracted by Locke.

  3. A thought occurred to me as I was reading your recap. Did Jacob somehow know that Ben would (or might) kill him? Is that why he refused to meet with Ben, treating him differently from the other leaders? If so - ironic that the lack of attention was a major motivator for Ben to do as Anti-Locke asked.

    "Is it tonight yet?"

  4. I was reading thru this and to Jenny's point, I think that none of the leaders of the Others ever actually met Jacob, as part of the "faith" process. I believe that Jacob knew Ben was going to kill him though, and even provoked him at the end a bit with "What about you?". My big question is what Jacob meant by "They're coming". I have a strong suspicion this is the same thing Whidmore meant when he said to Locke "War is coming, and if you are not back in time, the wrong side is going to win". This fortifies the theory that Whidmore is indeed working for the MiB. All parties needed the O6 back on the island, but for different reasons.

  5. I love Jacob's musical theme.

    Why did Anti-Locke wait until night to go inside the statue?

    Why does Richard continue to let Anti-Locke see Jacob after he insists on bringing Ben with him?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this episode is the first time Jack kills someone. (Intentionally, I mean, not through medically procedures.)

  6. I was just thinking about how unintentionally appropriate it was that ABC used the song "You Found Me" for the first round of Season 5 ads. It's about a guy meeting God on a street corner and asking Him about His absence in his life, demanding answers. That's the end game of Season 5.