Tuesday, February 23

Lost: Season 6, Episode 5 Discussion

Morning, folks! In anticipation of tonight's episode (supposedly a 'game-changer') here's a space for your predictions, thoughts, criticisms and hopes. The Back to the Island column should be up by Thursday, but the next 48 hours are going to be something of a personal hell for me, so it's possible that you may not see it until Friday. Hope your weekend was a great one!


  1. not seeing your column until Friday is a personal hell to us!! But good luck in whatever hell you got going on.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, oh Anonymous one. It'll likely be up Thursday afternoon, but I want you prepped if that's not the case.

    That said, just based on the images from last week's preview flashes, it ought to be a pretty substantive column.

  3. Good luck with your hell, Morse.

    So, did anybody grab any of the crossed off names on the wheel? Any that hadn't been spotted on the Wall?

    Also, note that Lostpedia has a ridiculously long list of crossed off names and numbers from cave wall. (http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Candidate)

  4. So. Claire....

    She's clearly under the sway of the MIB/Locke. I guess maybe when she appeared in Kate's dream in LA (Season 4 finale) and said "Don't Bring him Back, Kate," it was some aspect of her old self reaching out to protect Kate from whatever she was. Clearly Aaron shouldn't belong to her at the moment.

    Whatever they did to her at the Temple joined her to the island and so she did not skip through time when Ben moved it (also Season 4 finale). I'd wager that everyone not physically branded, or however spiritualy linked to the island got skipped around through time. Juliet probably had been, but "her mark" (season three tattoo episode) severed that link. So, had they both not been killed, Danielle Rousseau would have time traveled but Alex would not.

    So the question seems to be, did the Temple infect and claim her, or did that just happen from 3 years of misinformation and isolation? It would seem that she could have become what we've seen without literally being infected/claimed by a dark water.

  5. ok, last one and I'll shut up.

    So who's coming to the island? Assuming it is not some timeline cross-over, my first thought was Charles Widmore. But then my next thought was Desmond and I realized that (unless it was on that wheel tonight) we haven't seen the name Hume or Widmore on the candidate list.

  6. So, um.... do all the rest of you live on the West Coast? :-)

  7. I got the sense that jacob used 'someone's coming to the Island' as an excuse to get Hurley to the lighthouse. That said, I'm hoping he was telling the truth.

    Loved the episode. Especially the off-Island flashes. The Second Snake theory survives!

  8. At least we now know where Shannon's missing inhaler is. That was a nice nod to Jorge's comments at the Comicon (?) panel a year or so back...

  9. Well, there are 360 degrees in a circle, so should we assume there are 360 names on the wheel? I didn't get a close enough look to see if there was a name by every degree mark or not.

    What I was left wondering is not so much who is coming to the Island (although my gut tells me it has something to do with the off-Island crew) but rather how the names come to be. Does Jacob know ahead of time who he'll pick and set the mirrors accordingly, or did the mirrors already point to specific places/people in space/time (i.e., "special" places on the globe). If it's the latter, then the show would seem to be coming down heavily in favor of destiny.

    Can't wait for your official synopsis, Morse. good luck with whatever is coming your way this week.

  10. Any guesses on the relationship between Claire and Anti-Locke? When/How they met? Has she seen him in his true form? I'm going to say that he met her during "Dead Is Dead", when Anti-Locke told Sun he "had something to do." That may not have been the first time, but he did it then.

  11. I can't really speculate on Claire and A-Locke until I understand a bit more about what/who he is. I'm still confused by the Others' ability to summon him as protection, yet he's their enemy? I feel like we, or at least I, am missing some important info here.

  12. Something potentially interesting (potentially not) that I noticed at the beginning of this episode.

    When the episode starts, it pans across a couple of obviously Photoshopped images. Aside from the obvious Photoshopping, the first image jumped out at me as being intentionally jarring. So I just went back and looked at it.

    The photo shows a young Jack in a tuxedo with his parents. His father is wearing all white. His mother is wearing all black. Jack, in a tux, is a combination of white and black.

    Given the repeated use of black/white throughout the series, I can't imagine this is anything other than intentional. Exactly what it means, on the other hand...

  13. Steve,

    I saw that also. Nice catch on the black and white imagery.

    Hoping to have the column in by day's end. At the least, there'll be an excerpt.

  14. MMorse,

    In your short post above you say that this episode ('Lighthouse') was "supposedly a 'game-changer'".

    Now, I loved the episode as well, but I don't see it as a 'game changer'. Were you perhaps referring to a future episode by mistake, or did I miss something?

    Thanks, JDR22

  15. What if the second snake theory is partially valid but its not an epilogue but an actual reality right now?

    The "candidates " are now split but the ones on the Island can never get back to the real world they're stuck like Jacob and the Smokey Monster, (Although Jacob isnt really stuck, hmm)

    The alternate timeline is their happy ending. The Island is trapped between two realities but now as a result of Jughead they can never leave.

  16. Strange that if Jack, Hurley, Sayid were candidates in seasons 1-5 that Jacob would allow the Ben run others to so willingly shoot at them. If the rules are candidates cannot kill each other, then sawyer & hurley have already broken those rules. Unless once every x amount of years the list of candidates gets refreshed, then its pretty risky putting the last remaining candidates in the line of fire.