Friday, February 26

Lighthouse (S6, ep. 5)

The Back To The Island column for Lighthouse has been smashed by a distraught Jack for your reading pleasure on


  1. Hey Morse,

    Great post as always. A thought occurs. For what might be a clue as to how the two "sides" will shape up, check out "The Lost Supper," a promo photo posted online before the season began as a Lost-ian take on The Last Supper.

    It's here at

    I think that one of the versions of this picture shows how the two sides of the war will shake out.

    The version that is posed more in line with Da Vinci's original features, on one side of (presumably) evil Locke, the characters of Sawyer, Claire and Sayid, all either aligned or "claimed" at this point. They share the left "sinister" side with Ilana, Richard, and Kate. I'd argue that Kate has a very real chance of being "turned" given her respective attachments to Sawyer and Claire. Richard and Ilana I'm not so sure about...

    On the right we have Jack, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Miles, Lapidus and most interestingly, Ben. I think this will be your Jacobian side, and with Jack and Hurley already seemingly in his camp, I don't think it's a stretch to assume the others will end up there as well. One thing to note is that (provided you don't count un-Locke) the left side of the picture has six Losties and the right side has seven. Could a redeemed Benjamin Linus be the tipping point?

  2. Reaaally interesting observation, Greg.

  3. Jack is really going to regret smashing the hell out of that mirror when it turns out his first task as Jacob's replacement is fixing it . . .

  4. Some part of me was hoping that Jack and Hurley were being tasked to guide the Black Rock to the Island.

    If the lighthouse can reveal images across space (and maybe time?), I figured it could probably broadcast a beacon the same way, drawing people in.

    But then Jack went and smashed that theory to pieces.

    At this point in Lost, while I love it, I'm disappointed if Locke and/or Ben don't get significant face time.

  5. Brilliant recap, thanks. Wish you'd had the opportunity to do this for earlier series.

    Some people seem slightly frustrated by the slower pace so far this season, but I'm actually kinda enjoying the season one-esque vibe. People are obsessed with getting answers to mysteries (myself included) but I've spent six years with these characters now and I appreciate that the show and its creators seem equally as concerned with making sure every one of them gets the send-off they deserve as well as dealing with the crazier mythological aspects.

    For instance a lot of people have complained about Jack breaking the mirror (and I can feel their frustration), but at the same time his earlier comment about being 'broken' brought something home to me which I hadn't realy considered before: it's probably only a week at most since Jack tried to kill himself.

    Since then his attempts to make everything better not only seem to have failed (from his point of view) but also to have got other people killed. I think given the circumstances the realisation that his life his been manipulated into these circumstances would be enough to tip anyone over the edge.

    Hmm, it seems I'm also an apologist...

  6. These questions/thoughts are more about the season in general than this specific episode, but I thought I'd put them here:

    We've seen Dogen, Ethan and Ben in the Sideways world. (Dogen's appearance surprised me, because I guessed that he'd been on the Island for a long time.) Does Jacob exist there as well? I suppose that's linked closely with the question of what the Sideways world is, what it means.

    Has Jacob always been on the Island, or was he selected in a manner similar to what we're seeing in this season?

    Will someone take the MIB's place before the series is done, or will he remain?

    Whoever ends up replacing Jacob (I'm going with Jack because he has nothing to go back to off the Island), the Others will be in the unique position of actually knowing their new "God." That's gotta change things a little bit.