Wednesday, February 24


A quick hello to those of you stopping by to check out the Second Snake theory. If it's your first time here on Back To The Island I'd like to encourage you to bookmark the site and tell a friend. I'm covering season 6 on an episode-by-episode basis for, and the column for this week's installment, 'Lighthouse,' will be linked here tomorrow afternoon.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Hiroyuki Sanada, who plays Dogen on Lost, and that interview will be up on Chud in the near future. You'll find a link to it, and to each week's column, on this site. You'll also find the Rewatch project that I did prior to this season, and a collection of 'Too Much Information' columns that go into (arguably stultifying) detail about various aspects of the show. I invite you to poke around, comment freely, and continue to honor me with your presence.


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