Tuesday, February 2

Follow The Leader (S5, ep. 14)

The Rewatch Column for "Follow the Leader" has been taken to the tunnels for your reading pleasure on Chud.com.


  1. Here's a question: Why does Anti-Locke have Richard tell John (Telephone!) that he has to die? I mean, why does Locke need to know that? It's a hook in the beginning of the season, but it serves no practical purpose.

  2. I think that by putting the idea in John's head, he was perhaps more open to suicide as an option than he would have been in otherwise. In his despair at feeling like a failure he turned to what Richard had told him and Christian had implied: that he would have to die. I'm not sure he would have gone that far otherwise.

    That's how I see it anyway...

  3. Woah some dodgy English there, sorry. You'd never know it was my first language. Jeez.

  4. Actually, this was Episode 15. Episode 14 was "The Variable" as listed in your column prior to this one. "The Incident" (or at least the first hour anyway) is Episode 16.

  5. I think Eloise must have brought Dharma to the Island, or was at least in charge of keeping track of them. Charles asks her why Dharma seems to be attacking them, and acts like she should know everything about the subject.

    The Others are surprisingly tolerant of Sun and Ben showing up and hanging around. The last time they encountered Sun, she killed one of them.

    Richard says that he watched all of the castaways die, and that seems like a contradiction, but what if he and/or the Others did see the firefight? All of the gunfire from the Dharma quarters would probably attract attention, and it would definitely get noticed in the middle of "their" territory, at the Swan site.

    Shouldn't Locke have been at the back of the procession for his end-of-episode conversation? There was a woman walking right next to him when he said, "So I can kill him."