Wednesday, December 9

The Beginning Of The End (S4, ep. 1)

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  1. Your listing of the definitions of "Haunting" reminds me of Mike Hanlon's first journal entry in Stephen King's "IT" (although he used the word "Haunt".

    Looking forward to your recaps of the next few episodes, especially "Confirmed Dead", my favorite episode of season 4.

  2. What's weird is that I conspicuously referenced that book in this column, but I never put two and two together!

    I'd completely forgotten how freaky and forboding this episode was. It made me twice as excited to start in on this season.

  3. Interesting trivia about Lance Reddick: He was Darlton's first choice for Mr. Eko.
    Does Rose ever indicate she wants to leave the Island? As far as I could tell she just didn't want to be around Locke after what he did. I don't remember what she did in the finale, if she was ferried to/from the freighter, but at this point it seems like she still wants to stay.

  4. I like your point about how haunting this premier feels. It works out nicely, especially when you consider that it's essentially right in the middle of the series (if you go by seasons rather than episode numbers) and it is literally the beginning of the end. The first season really uses that Lynchian feel more than any other season, I think, and it wouldn't surprise me if they go back to that for season six. If that winds up being the case, it'd be interesting to envision this episode as a kind of stepping stone between season one and season six.

    And on a side note, your biblical/religious knowledge is crazily extensive! I'm impressed.

    And one can never go to the Jackface well too often.

  5. "one can never go to the Jackface well too often."

    I'll keep that in mind for future columns, Katie. I've always been fascinated by religion and myth for any number of reasons. The stories that we tell ourselves and canonize as 'holy' are typically stories worth telling, and they almost always expose something beautiful or terrible about the human condition.

    Just like Lost.

  6. I always thought the eye in Jacob's (maybe) Cabin looked like Sonny Chiba from The Street Fighter. But that could just be because I like thinking about Sonny Chiba.


  7. When the episode first aired, I immediately thought that was Locke's eye in the cabin window looking at Hurley. But then Locke comes up behind Hurley, which confused me until i realized the eye in the cabin didn't belong to Locke.

    But in the photo on the CHUD column, it still looks a lot like Terry O'Quinn's eye to me. I'm not saying that it is, just that is what it looked like.

  8. Actually, it *could* be the one-eyed Mikhail Bakunin, last seen waving that grenade at Charlie Pace in the episode before this one (that aired 7 months prior to it). The eyebrow looks a little fuller, but it's got the right bend (

    The eye is the correct eye for it to be Mikhail in that it is not his right eye (which was covered with a patch). I'd be surprised if this WAS him and he was slated for any further appearances tied to the MIB, but it's an intriguing idea.

  9. The eye in the cabin looks like Dr. Chang to me.

  10. ABC flying John Terry out to Hawaii and paying him a couple thousand dollars for three seconds of screen time amuses me greatly.

    When Ben asks to go with Locke, Jack says, "He's all yours." There's a double-edged nature to it that I enjoy.