Wednesday, December 16

The Economist (S4, ep. 3)

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  1. Interesting theory about Regina. There was a lot of speculation at the time about her being close to Naomi, though I thought I remembered the being some interview where the producers said the bracelets were not of any real consequence.

    She offed herself in the Sun & Jin flashes episode, which I think followed "Eggtown." So any revelations about Regina and Naomi would have been in flashback.

  2. I've been under the impression that Widmore and Ben can't use third parties to off each other, otherwise Keamey probably wouldn't have had such explicit instructions not to kill Ben. Who knows why, though.

    The 'old fashioned' comment about the Economist always struck me as interesting, just because we've heard in The Man Behind the Curtain that Jacob (or whoever's been hanging out in the cabin) doesn't like technology.

    Did we ever find out exactly what Widmore was exiled for? Was it simply for leaving the Island often, or was it because he had a family was non-Others while off the Island?

    I'm glad you're finding season four to be great! It continues to be great, with the potential exception of The Other Woman. But even that has its moments.

  3. I love this episode. It struck me as a riff on the Casino Royale reboot.
    Morse, thank you for "murderthon." (As well as the rest of your excellent work with this column.)

  4. Ok, the fact that Benny & Charlie are untouchable to each other is interesting, but what does it mean? Is it a mystical thing? Because both men sure seem to be pretty pragmatic. Or is it a kind of practical truce between the two men? I think the second explanation is more plausible. Maybe they have both agreed at one time in the past that both cannot kill each other or any of their relatives and/or associates. Maybe that's what Ben really means when he says "He changed the rules"? After Alex' death, Ben is able to kill Penny and other associates of Widmore via Sayid. Ben, being the clever bastard that he is, was prepared for their personal Cold War getting hot (but not for Alex being the trigger) and thus prepared his many fake I.D.s. Does that make sense? Have I forgotten something?

  5. "OK, the fact that Benny & Charlie are untouchable to each other is interesting, but what does it mean?"

    I suspect that we'll find out that it's because, since his exile, Widmore has been representing the MiB's interests off Island and that their inability/unwillingness to harm one another is an extension of Jacob and the MiB being unable to harm one another.

  6. Really interesting thoughts, guys. I love these theories.

    I've also heard it suggested that Widmore and Ben literally can't kill each other because they 'aren't supposed to die yet,' or because they both know that their deaths occur somewhere further along the 'timeline.'

  7. This episode (and the scene with Naomi and Abaddon in the previous episode) reminded me so much of Alias...the show that made me a forever-fan of anything JJ Abrams is even remotely involved with. The issue of trust was a major theme on Alias, and it's key here.

    None of the "teams" on the island (the two groups of castaways, the freighter folks, The Others) trusts any of the other groups even though we'll learn over the course of the season that most of them don't really have conflicting objectives - they're just two wary of each other to share information openly or to believe what they're told. In this episode, Locke and Sayid in particular have decided they can't trust anyone else, and they're constantly calibrating how much information to reveal and to whom.

    I love Daniel. I hope they find a way to include him in Season 6 somehow.

  8. Seems like they started shortening the travel time in this episode. In Season 3 it took them over a day and a half to get back from the barracks (They took 3-4 days getting there, but I won't count that since they didn't know where they were going at first and had the Flame detour). Here it takes them less then two hours to get there, and they get back in the same day, but to be fair, we don't know where the helicopter is in relation to that location.

    I wonder why Ben left the Island before this, given that he knows Widmore's after him and that he can send Richard, Ethan, or Others to do his off-Island bidding.