Monday, December 28

The Other Woman/Ji Yeon (S4. eps. 6 & 7)

The Rewatch Column for "The Other Woman" and "Ji Yeon" has been posted on for your reading pleasure.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend!


  1. On "The Other Woman", I'm going to have to disagree with your opinion that Juliet's flashback to the day of the crash gave the scene deeper meaning when we find out that Ben sent Goodwin to infiltrate the Losties as a way of getting rid of him. I really hated that. Because I always liked how it seemed like a spur of the moment plan that he came up with on the spot and he sent his two nearest troops (Ethan and Goodwin). I don't know if Ben would have the presence of mind to think this would be a good opportunity to get rid of his competition. Didn't buy that scene at all. Oh, and I hated the ending. I'm more of a sucker punch Lost ending kind of guy and this ending just had no punch to it. I honestly would have preferred it if they had ended with the Michael reveal.

    As for Captain Gault, I think that was one of the many dropped story lines of the series. Maybe he was meant to be a red herring but I don't see the point in making us think he was to become a prominent and potentially threatening character, only to kill him off. Everything we learned about the guy contradicted the picture they had initially painted of him. I have to wonder if halfway they decided Keamy was the better villain.


  2. Im pretty sure Widmore fesses up to digging up a Chinese graveyard and faking the Oceanic crash in season 5.

  3. TC, I can appreciate your point. I don't know that Ben sent Goodwin so that he would be killed, but simply to get him out of the way and dispose of him. Ben is certainly an opportunist who is damned capable of thinking on his feet, and I think that this scene - with the added perspective of Juliet, Harper and Goodwin - shows no difference. However, this was not one of the stronger episodes. The whole "Juliet belongs to Ben" theme sort of fell by the wayside as well. You could argue that he quit caring about Juliet one way or the other after Alex was killed. But even in Season 5 when he knew that Hugo, Jack and the others were back in 1977 with the Dharma Initiative, he didn't ever ask or seem to think about whether Juliet was with them.

    Actually, come to think of it, did RIchard ever see Juliet during the time travel? If he did, he would have to remember that when he hired her in Miami. But they may have kept her out of his sightlines the whole time.

  4. On "The Other Woman": Juliet starts living in her house after being on the Island for a week. I wonder where she was sleeping before then.

    The disconnect between Charlotte's initial encounter with Locke's group and the rest of the castaways is interesting. At first she's very nice, happy, and seems genuinely pleased to see them. Then at the beach she's secretive and moody.

  5. Well, Locke's group did hold her hostage briefly and discuss killing her right after she was so cheery. May have soured the cheeky redhead fairly quickly.