Tuesday, December 29

Meet Kevin Johnson (S4, ep. 8)

The Rewatch Column for "Meet Kevin Johnson" has been recruited for subterfuge for your reading pleasure on Chud.com


  1. I believe that Ben tells Locke he has more work to do in Locke's death scene during The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. Interesting that that phrase is floating around both times Ben kills/attempts to kill Locke.

    I always thought that to be stunt-Walt too, it doesn't really look like him. He's listed on the IMDB page for the episode, but it's uncredited, so who knows.

  2. Didn't see a column up for The Shape of Things to Come, but I wanted to comment nonetheless. Great recap. The barreling-by smoke monster is one of my favorite moments in the series, though I remember being irritated how piss-poor of a job it does in killing the mercenaries.

    Of course now I suspect that while it was required to arrive at the summons (based upon my own theory) it didn't actually want to kill the mercenaries, just to make it look convincing.

  3. Hey, guys-

    Greg, if I'm right about Smokey and the MiB (and that they're the same, or that Smokey is 'controlled' by the MiB - which may be some kind of supercomputer) then it couldn't kill the mercenaries because Keamy's necessary to make Ben set off Keamy's hear monitor and blow up the freighter, since I'm guessing that the MiB has been engineering all of this to happen in a specific way...whew.

    Katie, I'll keep an ear open for that in Jeremy Bentham. Thanks!

  4. I really would have liked to see more scenes with Ben and Rousseau. The dynamic between them was ripe for exploration, and what little screen time they share really pops.

    I wonder what the limits are to the Island's death-prevention. What if Michael tied his feet to a block, tied a bag over his head, and plunged into the ocean?