Thursday, December 31

The Shape of Things to Come (S4, ep. 9)

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  1. You figure the Halliwax parka is a clue as to which timeline / timeshard / loop we're in? (in this theory, Chang and Candle exist in different timelines).

    My Halliwax esoterica is not complete enough to know if there is anything revelatory in this line of thought.

  2. Erik,

    It's a possibility. It's been theorized that each version of Chang that we've seen on the show is an 'alternate quantum version.'

    It's either that, or Dharma was intentionally screwing with its employees so that Chang's real identity wasn't revealed.

  3. No way is that Annie in the painting. That woman looks to be in her 60's, while Ben is only supposed to be pushing 40. Maybe Hawking?


  4. What is Ben playing on the piano when Locke and Sawyer arrive? It's a nice piece of music, whatever it is.

    I like that Claire's survival of the rocket attack, rather then brushing it off as most shows/films would do.

    Is Alex's body still there when the Ajira bunch arrive? Or has the MIB snatched her body too?

    Sawyer insults Locke, pulls a gun on him, and more or less says he never wants to see him again. Funny . . .

  5. Resident,

    Ben is playing Rachmaninoff's 'Prelude in C Sharp Minor.'

    it's beautiful piece. Apropos of nothing, I recommend giving Samuel Barber's Adagio for strings' a listen if you haven't already done so.