Thursday, December 10


There's been an influx of new readers on the site in the past day or two, and I'd like to say welcome to all of you. If you're here for the first time, allow me to explain what it is I'm doing:

Rather than provide a blow-by-blow recap of every episode (there are a number of wonderful sites available to provide that sort of thing - Lostpedia being the biggest and best) I'm concentrating on what I find fascinating about Lost: the mythic, scientific, philosophical, and religious underpinnings of the show. While you'll find a good amount of speculation here regarding most of the Island's mysteries, what you'll find more often are thoughts on the themes, allusions, references, inspirations, and subtexts of the show - all delivered in what I hope is a mellow, humorous, curious tone.

I invite you to bookmark the site and to leave your comments and thoughts here. Lost is, among other things, a wonderful figurative-fire for us to gather around and tell stories. I invite you to join the circle.

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  1. Not to burst your bubble but I've posted a few times so that might have something to do with the influx : )Since joining CHUD is seemingly impossible I post here.

    But your posts are renewed my interest. Looking forward to season 6!