Monday, January 11

Because You Left (S5, ep. 1)

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  1. Morse,

    Good start to my favorite season so far (aforementioned warts and all).

    My take on Daniel and Desmond was the Daniel's speech about Desmond means that he is the one exception to Daniel's rule of "whatever happened happened" at least as far as Daniel is aware. I always assumed this was due either simply to Desmond's proximity to the Swan implosion or to a link shared between the two due to their mutual time-travel shenanigans and experiments, respectively.

    One thing I'd ask you to look out for in Season 5, if you never noticed before. There are, if you remember, multiple airings of the scene on the LA docks where the Oceanic 6 (minus Hurley and plus Ben) convene and Ben and Jack try to convince everyone to come back to the island. Pay careful attention to the specific lines of dialogue in each of these instances and let us know your thoughts on what you notice.

    Thanks as always for an excellent analysis!

  2. One small theory I thought had to do with Ethan shooting locke in the legs. Perhaps back in season one, when Locke and Boon arrive at the plane, Locke's legs give out because he's feeling some sort of time-echo of this moment?

    Just a thought!

  3. Awesome MMorse. I have a similar attitude about the inconsistencies with the distribution of knowledge - particularly as it relates to Locke's visits and the passage of time. Annoying, but not derailing a fantastic season.

    I think (hope) that the reasons for Desmond's delayed memory realization are yet to be realized. But if they aren't, it could be that The Island or whatever force is keeping some people alive and forcing events off-island triggered the memory at the time when it would do the most good for it. Perhaps it was uniquely triggered to put Desmond at Eloise Hawking's doorstep at the same moment as Jack and Company, and ultimately put him in the hospital where Eloise and Widmore would connect face to face. I don't know what the significance of that might be yet, but I'd be willing that to accept that as the reason why the memory was suppressed. The narrative of the show also suggests that the events with Des and Penny are happening concurrent with Jack and Ben attempting to round up the Oceanic Six. But given the time it would take to travel from London to LA by boat, this would have actually happened probably a month or two before the very long day Jack has after he and Ben steal Locke's corpse.

    I'll also point back to my anonymous comment to your Oct 1st "Live Together, Die Alone (S2, ep. 23)" post about Desmond's unique time travel experiences. Maybe he is special because he shifted through time and was able to retain his facilities (thanks to his constant). Maybe it is because he spent three years next to the electromagnetic pocket. Maybe it is because he turned the failsafe key. Eloise Hawking told him in LA that the island wasn't through with him, so there must hopefully be some last act, service or sacrifice coming.

    Last thought: I think the reason why they drove the "rules of time travel" down our throats was so that when they challenged them by the time of "The Variable," it would be an unexpected turn.

  4. Kelsey,

    I love that theory. Nice job.


  5. A theory I have on why the Others might not flash through time is that the Island becomes your constant once you are an Other. Thus when the island becomes unstuck, the Others are still firmly planted in their stable time/dimension/etc. Even though Juliet was an Other, she was branded an outsider in season 3 for killing. The symbol, or the branding process may have removed her communion with the island as her constant.

  6. Nice Edward. If that isn't the case already, the writers should make that so.

    I love that it gives Juliet's mark, which to date is an extraneous detail in a maligned episode, some real mythological consequence (beyond further alienating her from the Others prior to her switching sides).

    How would this have affected Locke? He had been deigned leader of the Others right before this happened. True, he falsified his only apparent "entrance exam" by having Sawyer kill his dad, which Richard knew. But it doesn't seem that would do it.

  7. I believe that Ben pushed the wheel before Locke could actually be "made" an Other. For a sect as devouted and steeped in tradition (making everyone learn Latin) as the Others, I doubt that one does not go through some sort of indoctrination. Its possible he had to kill Cooper (or Cooper had to be eliminated) in order for Locke to be able to commune with the island as his constant. Maybe the lists are for those people Jacob believes are ready or capable to give up all other constants and believe in the power of the island.

  8. Ethan's not really thinking straight here, is he? Wouldn't it be more prudent to keep Locke alive for more information, even if (to Ethan) he's initially lying?

    Again, it's ironic/hypocritical for Sayid to do the opposite of what Ben says. Ben's the one who told him about the guy watching Hurley and suggested killing him.

    I hadn't noticed it before, but Desmond also reacts to the high-pitched noise and increasing whiteness proceeding the time-flashes. Interesting.

  9. Daniel says he's came to the Island because of his time/space knowledge, but in "There's No Place Like Home", he wants to leave because those factors are coming into play. Odd.