Saturday, January 30

Some Like It Hoth & The Variable (S5, eps. 13 & 14)

The Rewatch Columns for "Some Like It Hoth" and "The Variable" have been goaded toward tragic ends for your reading pleasure on


  1. When Daniel talks to young Charlotte in "The Variable", I wondered if after the scene cuts away, he's actually delivering a different message this time, a continuation of his attempt to create a ripple in time. Some future instructions. Probably not, but it's something I keep thinking about.

  2. Regarding Miles' ability to read the dead: It struck me in re-watch that his description about "how it works" reading the echoes of the dead is meant to also elaborate on how the smoke monster/MIB can know the past of the dead people on the island. So when fake Locke tells Ilana that he remembers dying, the MIB actually did access those memories/echoes off of Locke's corpse. I believe the detail on Miles' behalf is intended to partially if not completely illustrate how this works.

    Why does he hear echoes of dead people: I don't see this as a critical "must answer" and i suspect we've seen about all we are going to on why Miles has this ability. I expect that the show won't address it any further than it would address how Christian Shephard became an alcoholic or why he became a doctor. It is what it is.

    Faraday's birth: It would seem that Eloise left the island shortly after the incident. If Faraday WAS born on the island, he didn't stay long. Miles left as an infant, and Sawyer was just there 3.5 months and they both suffered nosebleeds towards the end of the time travel. However, Faraday never did, suggesting that his time on that island was less than Sawyer's. We probably won't get confirmation on this, but I suspect he was born in the States.

  3. I agree Miles. She left the island to give birth, since mothers cannot have children on the island. She left leaving Charles in Charge. (HAHA been wanting to say that) Daniel had to have been born off island.

  4. Even though Ethan was successfully born on-Island?

  5. well, if the incident had anything to do with why babies can't be born (either because of Jughead or in a prior version without Jughead), BUT Eloise survived (like Richard who "saw them die" did), then maybe she would have to leave to have the baby.

    She may not have HAD to leave, but clearly she did, as Daniel was the only one not to exhibit time travel nose bleeds.

    OR maybe I can debunk my own logic if I say that when the island healed his time-addled mind, maybe he had immunity to that.

    Damn. I'd buy either one of those. I just confused myself again.

  6. "Hoth":

    At first I thought it would be Hurley who would rally the castaways to try and change time. When he saw them put the numbers onto the hatch door.

    Did the Shadow group try to recruit Charlotte or Frank? If not, why did they single out Miles? It's great that Miles takes his abduction so well. The Shadow group must not have the same information about the Island's history that Widmore/Hawking does. Or maybe they're trying to change time. If Miles doesn't go to the Island at that point, he won't travel back to Dharma time, and Dr. Chang won't be convinced that the castaways/Daniel time traveled, and he won't evacuate the Island right before the Incident.

    James accused Jack of reacting to things rather than thinking about them, but that's exactly what he does when Phil confronts him.

    I just noticed that Dr. Chang is reading baby Miles a book about Polar Bears. Nice touch.

    One of the guys on the dock unloading stuff from the sub has the I Ching symbol on the back of his shirt. You can see it at 42:19.