Wednesday, January 20

Jughead & The Little Prince (S5, eps. 3 & 4)

The Rewatch Columns for "Jughead" and "The Little Prince" have been kicked from their army tents for your reading pleasure.


  1. Is there something wrong with me checking CHUD each day just to see if there's another lost recap ready to read? wearing out my f5 key waiting for them to appear! :D Only 2 weeks to go Morse!

  2. Desmond is "uniquely and miraculously special." I've pondered that quite a bit. At first I thought it would lead into S5's endgame, with Desmond being able to travel to the 70s Island and rescue the O4 (I'd say six, but two of them didn't travel back to Dharma times, did they?). That was wrong. Now I'm wondering if his specialness will allow him to retain his memories in a possible rebooted timeline. He didn't play much of a role this season, and he's been downgraded from full cast member in the final season, so I'm not sure how significant he'll be.

    I enjoyed Widmore's comment about Locke's abilities as well, though honestly, it wouldn't have been that hard. "Cunningham" tells them to head east until they head a ridge, and the camp is within sight of that ridge.

    The discrepancy between Richard's leadership role and knowledge between the 50s and today is my friend's biggest issue coming into this final season. They've said his backstory will be addressed, so I hope that'll cover it. (Maybe they'll also explain his long hair in "Man Behind The Curtain", but we're not holding out hope for that.) I believe Richard is ageless, but not immortal. Back in "Man Behind The Curtain", he wore a gas mask during the Purge, and was very cautious about taking it off. Had he been immortal, that wouldn't be an issue. (Unless he's immortal but can still feel the pain/effects of deadly circumstances.)

    I enjoyed Richard's dual incredulousness and caution when saying he doesn't want to contradict himself regarding Locke.

    I wonder what exactly Ben's intentions are/were when it comes to Aaron. Clearly, part of his legal machinations were to push Kate back towards the Island, but did he intend for her to give Aaron to his grandmother? Did he have any plans at all? And I'm just curious, but is Ben's demand for a paternity test actually legal, given he has no relationship with the child?

    The DVD extras for S5 are entertaining (though it lacks in commentary quantity compared to previous sets), the On Location videos being particularly interesting, as well as a look at the production offices in LA. Each staff member has their own custom Dharma logo by their door/cubicle. And, of course, the office is in building 23.

    The canoe shootout was of particular interest to me, because it takes place after the events of "The Incident". Only one canoe docked at the beach in "The Incident", and it wasn't the castaway beach, merely a beach. The other two canoes docked at the barracks, on containing Frank/Sun, the other containing Ben/"Locke". This points to the possibility that the timeline wasn't rebooted, because it would seem odd to include a time jump like this and not revisit it from the other perspective. It would be hilarious if it turned out Juliet actually killed "Locke" in the firefight . . .

    I wonder if Norton's lawfirm is used exclusively by the Others, if Norton himself is an Other, or if he's just Ben's personal attorney.

    Great job on the columns! Looking forward to your thoughts on "This Place Is Death."

  3. Morse,

    Excellent job, as always. Keep it up, you're in the home stretch! (of all the seasons except 6, I guess)

    Michael Emerson's delivery of the "he's my lawyer" line is one of my favorites.

    I kind of bought Richard's incredulity about Locke's time-travel claim. I figure he knows the potential for that sort of shenanigan is there, but even if you knew time travel was possible, a rational portion of your brain is probably going to be disbelieving if some weird guy comes up to you and claims to be from the future. Odds are better he's just crazy, even on this island.

    Locke's storyline and character progression in this season is particularly sad given the eventual outcome (and pending some sort of reboot). He's come a long way, seems at peace with himself even during the time jumps. But if what we've seen is true, then a great deal of what has come to pass to mold him into who he is has been specifically engineered to jerk him one way and then another and ultimately just manipulate him into doing what the MiB needs for him to do. It took me until this season but I finally realized that Locke wasn't wishy-washy (or even poorly written as a character, as I'd thought at one point).

    Rather, his defining characteristic is a man who NEEDS to have meaning that he is apart of, meaning that is operating at a greater level than he. He NEEDS to be special. And ultimately, that means he is very easily manipulated. Looking way back to when the smoke monster 'analyzed' him in season one, I think that's what it saw in him, and when it decided he could be used.

  4. Hurley wants to be in jail, so wouldn't he wonder where the lawyer came from? Norton doesn't pass on Kate's offer either.