Friday, January 29

Whatever Happened Happened & Dead Is Dead (S5, eps. 11 & 12)

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  1. Regarding Richard healing Ben: I thought this was the one time Richard wasn't following orders, that perhaps he'd taken a personal interest in the boy, feeling sorry for him. Although we don't know if Widmore or Hawking have met Jacob, I'm going to assume it was the same as with Ben, Richard being the mouthpiece for Jacob. His delivery on "Jacob wanted it done. The Island chooses who the Island chooses" had a little more depth for me, and I think he was making it up. Given that the leaders haven't met Jacob, they just have to take Richard's word on everything.

  2. I agree with Resident01 except that, as I believe Morse cited, Richard has done this twice. Blatantly with Widmore and Ellie and then subversively with Ben when he gave Locke Sawyer's file in Season Three. In both cases, the "leader" wouldn't have approved but Richard was "acting on behalf of Jacob" and his purpose on the island.

    Everyone's been so focused on the mystery of Richard's age, that we sometimes forget that we know almost nothing about him. There are speculation about his origins with the Black Rock which seem accurate. But he is largely just presented at face value. I'm excited that, with him in the main cast, we are likely to learn more about what is driving him.

  3. I posted this on CHUD, but wanted to drop it here as well.
    I want to talk a little bit about the I Ching trigrams that are seen on the vests of the men escorting Charles to the sub(it is also seen on the top of the sub). It was stated that this symbol has not appeared on the show before. They have. These symbols are on every Dharma logo, there are 8 trigrams that make the octogon shape of every Dharma logo. These symbols are also found on the Ajira Airways tickets, as seen on their website:

    click the "print boarding pass" and look at the watermarks. Interestingly, wouldn't that make Ajira Airways owned by the Hanso Foundation?

    I also wanted to add something about the mural above the grate where Smokey comes out. Looking at this as a picture, I am thinking differently about it. It looks more like the god Anubis is reaching out in friendship. There are snakes around Anubis, and snake symbols mean a great many things, mostly contradictive to each other. For example, snake symbols can mean gaurdian, rebirth, regeneration, deceitfulness, poison, medicine, and vengeance. I am thinking maybe this temple was designed to be a place to worship either of them, giving the inhabitants of the island the free will choice to decide which one of them to follow.

  4. Great thoughts, sir. The I Ching thing was staring me directly in the face and I completely missed it. Interesting thoughts on the mural. I've been looking at that room as potential evidence of a Smokey cult, so to speak. Anti-Others, if you like, reflecting duality between the MiB and Jacob - maybe the first 'worshippers' on the Island, pre-Temple.

    I like the free will idea you bring up.

  5. Right there with you... supportive evidence would be that I believe MiB was able to freely come and go from of the temple. The circle of ash was not created until "LA X", which was a decision made from followers. If MiB was not to enter the temple, this circle would have been made long ago, like Jacob's cabin.

  6. "Whatever":

    How does Miles know what Ben did to start to time traveling (Turning the wheel)?


    Does the shadow group have no idea who Ben is until they see him again at the statue? Because it probably would have been better to show him dead Locke at the beginning of this episode. And why don't they try to fight Anti-Locke and stop him from leaving?

    How did Ben/the Others recruit Ethan?

    Dharma hadn't been purged yet during the first set of flashbacks, making me wonder what they did with Alex. Did Ben just show up in the Dharma compound with a baby? Or did someone else take care of her every day while Ben was off undercover?

    It would be kind of hard to run the other way from the Whispers, wouldn't it? Every time we've seen that occur on the show, they seem to come from every direction, surrounding the subject of interest.

    Why does Widmore initially want Alex dead? She was born on the Island, presumably making her "special."

    Did Ilana and Bram ask everyone that survived Ajira, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" If not, why do they only ask some people that question? What makes them significant?

    The way Ben says, "It let me live" seems like he didn't want to be spared. Or maybe he's just freaked out . . .