Wednesday, January 6

The Poll Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

Hola, all.

We're nearing the end of Season 4. The columns for the two part finale should be written and posted by the end of the week, and we'll launch into Season 5 on Monday. Once the rewatch wraps, I'll begin writing weekly columns about Season 6, which will post after each episode airs. I hope you'll all stick around for those.

I've gotten a lot of really wonderful, positive feedback on this little project, and more than a few suggestions that I make all of this material available to folks off-line. I'm seriously considering this, and I'd like to solicit your opinions.

If you're so inclined, please participate in the poll I've slapped up in the sidebar of this blog. The question: Would you purchase a book that collects all the material I've written (or will write) about all six seasons of the show, if that book were also to contain new material that would attempt to tie everything together, eliminating false guesses and misguided conjecture? This wouldn't be something I'd do for any potential financial windfall (as the audience for this kind of book would be 'small,' and essentially for die-hards only), but for the enjoyment of it. If I felt as though others would enjoy it also, I'd be inclined to make it happen.

Let me know what you think in the poll, and be honest. Thanks again, all of you, for reading and commenting.




  1. I'd be interested! I think it'd be fun to keep some of the false guesses/misguided conjecture, too, though. I always think it's fun to occasionally go back and read people's guesses of what was going on when seasons one and two were airing. Even if it's really, really, wrong, it can still be fun to read about. And if you wanted to keep it separate from the factual/proved correct part of the writing, maybe you could stick it in at the end as an appendix or something, just for fun.

    If you wind up doing it, good luck!

  2. Your column is some of the best commentary I've read on the show. I think if you revised it into an overarching examination of the show, rather than an episode by episode mystery as to what the show is about, it would be a fascinating read. I've been hoping all along that you would publish a book when you were all done. I would definitely buy it and I know a few others who would too.

  3. Seems as though there's definately interest in a book, so long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg (which it wouldn't, I don't think).

    If it happens, it'll resemble what you're talking about Doug - an overview of the show's major themes/philosophy/allusions that will repurpose the material I've written here, but combine it with new material, as well as all the connections/conclusions/theories generated by the final season. I should have been clearer on that. These columns will always be here - the book would attempt to unite the major ideas.

    Thanks for the well-wishes, Katie! I'll definately consider an appendix of false guesses/misconjecture. You're right. It could be fun.