Wednesday, October 28

The Ballad of the Shameless Shill

I hope everyone's enjoying the Rewatch so far. The comments that you've seen fit to leave have been insightful, intelligent, and fun to read.

I'd like to see if we can get more people involved, and I'm posting this shameless missive in the hopes that you all will help me out with that. If you've got friends, relatives, acquaintences and/or frenemies that watch Lost - if you visit other websites dedicated to discussing the show or to discussing television in general - I'd like to ask you to pass this site's URL along to them and invite them to join in on the fun.

The person who can draw the most peepers in this direction will be invited to contribute a guest article here on a Lost-related topic of their choice, and that article will be incorporated into one of the Rewatch columns on

As always, my sincere thanks for visiting, for reading, and for contributing.



  1. Really enjoying your re-reviews. I'm sharing Lost with my girlfriend for the first time to get her ready for the new season. Almost finished with season 2 now and I'm enjoying it much better on DVD than I did televised with egregious break periods.

    Still hate Fire+Water and Adrift, though. Flashbacks are rubbish. Not looking forward to Stranger in a Strange Land, either.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Que Lindo. I hope your girlfriend is enjoying the ride so far! I found things to enjoy about Fire + Water and Adrift, but they certainly aren't the best Lost has to offer.

    I'm actually really looking forward to 'Stranger in a Strange Land.' Everyone that I know seems to hate it unreservedly, and I'm hoping to find something redeeming in it the second time around.