Tuesday, October 20


Seeing as we're now at the center of the storm, so to speak, having started in on Season 3's Rewatch columns, I thought I'd throw a few links up here for those of you who are just stumbling onto this site. All of the Rewatch columns written so far are available for viewing by clicking through the "Blog Archive" sidebar here on the main page.

In addition to the individual episode write-ups, I've also taken some time to write more in-depth pieces. I've labeled these columns "Too Much Information," and they're scattered throughout the Rewatch columns. Here they are in their entirety, and each one attempts to tackle an aspect of the show:

Too Much Information 7: Sartre-Speak

Too Much Information 6: Gnarly Gnosticism & Mondo Manichaeism

Too Much Information 5: Mirrors & Delays

Too Much Information 4: Gods and Musicians - How The Mythologizing of The Beatles Helps Us Understand the Reality of the Dharma Initiative

Too Much Information 3: Loopholes and Prison-feet

Too Much Information 2: Who is the MiB?

Too Much Information: Stimulus/Response and Control Theory, or How I Learned To Start Behaving And Love Course Correction

Thanks for reading. The Rewatch column for S3, ep. 4 should be up by tomorrow morning.

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