Monday, October 19

Further Instructions (S3, ep. 3)

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  1. As I recall (and I may be wrong), the writers' initial idea to introduce Nikki and Paulo was to have them interrupted while having sex in the jungle. Certainly would have made a stronger first impression.

    The actor who plays Paulo also played Xerxes in "300". The magic of Hollywood . . .

  2. Resident01 - Actually Claire was to have walked in on them having sex in Jack's tent. She and someone else heard noises or something and thought it was a boar. There's a deleted scene - I assume from the DVD- where Nikki comes up to Claire afterwards and apologizes and makes Claire about 4 different shades of red from her comments. You should be able to find it on YouTube with a search for Lost Deleted Scenes. Most of them are on there.

    I wasn't crazy about them, but there was really nothing wrong with producing a character from the background mass. Arzt was never seen prior to "Born to Run" the lead up to the Season 1 finale. Actually, if they had made it Nikki and Frogurt, they probably could have pulled it off since Frogurt had been named dropped before.

  3. BTW, it would be sort of awesome if there was some throwaway background newscast in the sideways timeline where a reporter was talking about how a couple of international diamond smugglers drowned in Santa Monica Bay, or something, and showed Nikki's 8x10 headshot. shouldn't be more than 10 seconds if so, but it would be a tidy nod to those characters without bringing them back or rehashing anything.