Friday, October 16

The Glass Ballerina (S2, ep. 2)

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  1. Thank you for this blog...I've been trying to find one keeping up with the rewatch and offering some deeper analysis and you're it!

    Thoughts on this episode: You mentioned that nothing of value was revealed in the Jin/Sun flashbacks, but I disagree. This is the first time we get confirmation that Sun was unfaithful to Jin, and that her baby might not be his. I also thought it was interesting that Sun's father knew about her affair. Combined with the fact that she lied at the expense of others when she was a kid and then grew up to marry a fisherman, it makes me wonder if Sun's father sees her as one big dishonor.

    My favorite moment, now with the benefit of hindsight, was the exchange of looks between Juliet and Sawyer when he pours out the water she gives him. The smirks on both their faces are priceless. He clearly respects her from the beginning, which with Sawyer is saying something.

  2. Hey, Jenny!

    Thanks for following this blog, and I love your thoughts. You're right, in that we discovered who Sun's baby-daddy is, but we learned of Jin's infertility and her probable unfaithfulness in the Season 2 episode where Sun takes the pregnancy test. Regardless, it's correct that this episode serves as confirmation.

    Keep coming back and pointing out what I've missed/glossed over/etc. Writing these is a lot of fun, but reading the thoughts of you folks as I go makes it so much better.



  3. Mr. Morse, you are doing such an amazing job of analyzing the show. Great work. The link for this Episode appears to be not working. I don't want to miss a single comment from you; please advise.

  4. Christopher:

    Hey, thanks for the compliment! The link for this episode works fine on my end. If you're having issues, try going to a later Rewatch column on, scrolling to the bottom of the column, and using the "past columns" available there.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. In response to your question on Jae's death, Damon/Carlton said on a podcast, in response to someone asking if Sun showed up and killed him, that it was indeed a suicide.

    I love that Ben knows Jack well enough (Was it in his file?) to bring in a recording of the Red Sox win. Is Ben himself a Red Sox fan?

    Ben's last lines at the end of the episode led me to raise my hopes a bit (during the initial airing) that we were actually going to see why the Island brought the castaways there. Their greater purpose. "If you listen to me -- if you trust me -- if you do what I tell you when the time comes -- I'll take you there. I will take you home." That, with Michael Giacchino's always excellent score gave me high hopes for that run of episodes.

    (Incidentally, all of these comments on earlier episodes are a result of my own delayed rewatch.)