Tuesday, October 27

The Cost of Living (S3, ep. 5)

The Rewatch Column for "The Cost of Living" has been lovingly laid on a funeral pyre for your reading enjoyment. Apologies for any confusion regarding the title - this column covers only "The Cost of Living," and not "I Do."

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  1. Judging by the state of Eko's tent, I guess we can add pyrokinesis to the abilities of the MIB/Smokey.

    Eko's experience with the people he murdered reminds me a lot of the boss fight with The Sorrow in Metal Gear Solid 3.

    Ben says that he wanted to put Jack mentally in a place where he believed the choices he was making were his own, but really were part of Ben's agenda. Juliet talks about free will and choices while secretly giving Jack information putting him in an impossible situation. When Jacob says "You have a choice", I wonder if he means actual freedom of choice, or a forced situation like this.

    Ben put together a long-term plan to break Jack down, and make him "One of Them." If he had taken all that time, his tumor would be at the inoperable stage. Was Colleen meant to be shot so Jack would see those x-rays and save Ben in time?

    Like with Christian, Yemi's body has disappeared. Interesting.

    In "?", Charlotte Malkin says that Yemi wanted her to pass on the message that Eko was a good priest. All of his flashbacks contradict this though. In this episode, we see him conspiring to sell vaccines and murdering men in a church. In "?", we see he is planning to take up a life of crime again after reach Los Angeles. The only place where we see him acting well as a priest is on the Island. Maybe Malkin's afterlife vision wasn't very accurate . . .

    Juliet's cue cards imply that more than one of the Others want to see Ben gone. Is she being truthful, or is she only speaking for herself?