Friday, October 23

Every Man For Himself (S3, ep. 4)

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  1. First of all, love the column. I do daily checks to see if you've updated yet because you're examinations and tangents are really fascinating and pretty funny, to boot. But I have two questions, one directed towards Lost and one directed toward yourself.

    Lost Question: Desmond kills Kelvin and because of that, he's late pushing The Button and Flight 815 crashes on the Island. Now, the castaways don't find Desmond till roughly forty days after the crash. So, how is Desmond able to push The Button every 108 minutes by himself for forty days? He can only sleep for about an hour and a half incriments. Curious.

    Your Question: Why do you think Claire is dead? If I remember right, you see Faux Christian beckon her off into the jungle and then you see her looking drugged out, kickin' it in The Cabin Formally Known as Jacob's with her Ghost Dad (maybe). You see Claire again in S5 telling Kate not to bring Aaron back, but that doesn't really mean she's dead. It could be a waking dream or Crazy-Island-Induced-Vision from afar. But I can't really think of anything that made me think she was dead.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. He's hoping it all turns out to be Hurley's dream.


  2. Hey, Anon. Thanks very much for the kind words and for reading. I'm trying to backlog Columns so that they'll post more frequently, but life is getting in the way. I'll have another up by tomorrow at the latest. To your questions:

    "So, how is Desmond able to push The Button every 108 minutes by himself for forty days? He can only sleep for about an hour and a half incriments. Curious."

    I think we're meant to assume that he's been doing just that - sleeping in hour and a half increments. That accounts for his frazzled state, insane jumpiness, and immediate desire to get the hell out of there.

    "Why do you think Claire is dead?"

    Because we see her house hit by a rocket. I'll comment more on this when we get there, but it seems to me as if her subsequent appearances after vanishing from the group (in 'Jacob's' cabin, in Aaron's bedroom) all follow the basic 'Island-ghost' template. She doesn't act like herself, she appears and disappears eerily, and she's in the company of Christian, who I've theorized may be a manifestation of the MiB/Island.

  3. Man, these prisoner episodes are so much more enjoyable now that I'm not screaming at Jack to ASK A DAMN QUESTION rather than alternating between stoic and angry.

  4. Interesting contradiction with Cassidy's actions in this episode. She has Sawyer prosecuted, but she also wants him to be a part of his daughter's life. I understand why she would act in that way, but it's also funny-ironic.

    Shortly after Season 3 (Or possibly during the end run - it's been a while) E's Kristin Dos Santos wrote that all of the mentions of the sky turning purple were originally meant to somehow foreshadow Michael's return in the Season 3 finale. (My guess? The plan was that the hatch's energy prevented Michael/Walt from leaving the Island's area/hemisphere.) Due to scheduling conflicts and some disagreements with Damon/Carlton, Harold Perrineau was unable to return at that time. I'm glad their initial plans fell through. I really liked his return on the freighter.

    Michael Emerson does a wonderful job with Steinbeck's prose. He's also the narrator for the audiobook of "All the King's Men." It's worth a listen.