Friday, October 2

? (S2, ep. 21)

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  1. If we consider that the MiB is in control of both Yemis (this episode & then Season 3), then there may a simple explanation of why Yemi in season 2 is different than Yemi in season 3. Eko failed the Yemi of season 2 by allowing the Hatch to self destruct. If it was the MiB's initial intention to keep Locke continuously pushing the button, then it is understandable that when he once again encounters Eko in Season 3 he is ticked off. Although this entire line of thinking is compromised by the knowledge that the actor who portrayed Eko wanted off the show on Season 3, thus preventing his full story arc from reaching completion.

  2. That's a great analysis, Edward. I see a problem with it though, and maybe you can clarify: "Yemi" directs Eko to take Locke to the question mark, but what they discover there leads Locke to lose his faith in The Button completely. If both Yemi's are the MiB (and I think that they are), then it would seem that the goal was to get Locke to STOP pushing the Button.

  3. I think that John's dream might have partly been to validate Eko's dream to John. It also seemed to represent both sides of the island - the black and the white. Once they discover the Pearl, John's faith is weakened while Eko's faith becomes greater. The journey to the Pearl was as much John's journey as it was Eko's. I'm not sure if any of that explains the dream though. Maybe John needed to have as much faith in the Swan as he initially did in order for him to have such a crisis of faith now upon watching the video in the Pearl, which will cause him to not push the button.