Monday, March 8

Deftones: Lost, Now Found

This is only very, very tangentially-related to Lost.

I've been a fan of Deftones, a hard-rockin' band from Sacramento, CA, for a long time. Their blend of the aggressive and the atmospheric, of new wave and hardcore, of intelligence and impenetrability, makes them one of the more arresting rock groups around. Deftones' bass player has been in a coma for over a year, and they've subsequently delayed and then cancelled the release of an entire album of material out of respect for their comrade in figurative-arms. This May, they're returning with a (temporary) new bassist, and another album's worth of songs.

That album is titled "Diamond Eyes," and according to the album's track listing, Deftones are fans of Lost. Take a gander at Track 11:

01. Diamond Eyes
02. Royal
04. You’ve Seen the Butcher
05. Beauty School
06. Prince
07. Rocket Skates
08. Sextape
09. Risk
10. 976-EVIL
11. This Place Is Death

If you've never heard Deftones before, and you're not naturally, totally averse to the genre of Metal and/or the sound of a man alternately screaming and singing, might I recommend picking up the album "White Pony" and giving it a spin? You'll enjoy it.

(And if you're interested in performing a small but significant act of kindness, you can contribute something to the "One Love For Chi" fund, which has been set up to help pay for the ongoing medical expenses associated with maintaining the Deftones' bassist in a "minimally conscious state.")



  1. Haven't listened to Deftones, though I believe I've heard of them before. What's their best song/track, in your opinion?

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  3. Let's try that again!

    That's not an easy question to answer, Res. So I'll cheat.

    I recommend sampling any of the following: "Minerva," "Knife Prty," Hole in the Earth," "My Own Summer (Shove it)," "Headup," "Beware," and any two consecutive songs off of White Pony. That list would probably change tomorrow.

    For a few covers, try "Simple Man," "Who's Gonna Drive You Home," or "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want."