Tuesday, March 9

Mario Van Peebles Is Lost

Maybe I got a little distracted just now because its "Lost day." Maybe, because I was feeling excited, I jumped online and decided to see who the writer(s)/director of tonight's episode would be. When I jumped to AICN for that information, I got this (no spoilers, I promise):

"Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Mario Van Peebles."

Mario Van Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa-?

Surely not THE Mario Van Peebles - one-time possible hot-new-commodity in Hollywood? Director and star of the inimitable "Posse," co-starring Stephen "I punch people in the face for Jesus" Baldwin?

That's the sort of funny/weird/interesting-and-useless information that I enjoy, and I needed to confirm this nugget of bizarre Trivia Gold. Who better to confirm this than one of the actors? And according to Jorge Garcia's "Dispatches from the Island" blog, back in November of 2009 he had the opportunity to work with Van Peebles.

Mario Van Peebles, aka Kane from "Highlander III," is apparently directing tonight's episode of Lost. Which just plain tickles me. You shouldn't worry - Van Peebles has shown himself to be a capable, assured director. But if you're around my age, this news ought to bring a goofy, bewildered smile to your face.

Edited to add: IMDB lists the director of this episode as Bobby Roth. This somehow depresses me. I want some Van Peebles!

Edited to add II: According to this interview, Van Peebles HAS directed an episode of Season 6. Will that episode air tonight? Roth or Van Peebles? One thing is certain: Van Peebles is coming, Kate! He's coming, and you can't stop him!

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  1. Probably for the best. MVP can never recapture the magic that was Sonny Spoon.