Tuesday, March 2

Lost: Season 6, Episode 6 Discussion

Insta-reaction: Holy. S***.

Lost's final season turned an enormous corner tonight, upending the established rhythm of the season with a kind of focused ferocity. From Sayid and Dogen's extended throwdown to the Monster's destruction of the Temple to the alternatively tragic and yet utterly badass story of Sayid's off and on-Island existence to the looks on both Ben and Sayid's faces when they meet by the spring.... Sundown is probably my favorite episode of the season thus far. That was stellar television.

What did you think?


  1. Love the commentary- my fave part of Chud right now but glad you are doing it here!

  2. Thanks, Todd!

    I appreciate you reading. Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the future.


  3. I just hope that the episode's title is not too literal an explanation of what we can expect to happen tonight to everyone's favorite (but very docile) Korean tagalong.

  4. Seems that Dogen's arrangement with Jacob regarding his son was similar to the one Juliet had regarding her sister.

  5. I thought the same thing. This is going to be fun to write up.

  6. I am guessing that ash circles (anywhere on the island) are only effective when the temple master is alive? Or were Dogen's living defenses referenced in this episode beyond ash ring magic? Or did Sayid kick openings in all of the ash rings around the temple when coming back in? Not too important really.

    Also guessing the odds are bad that the temple water will save Dogen and Lenon, or maybe they'll come back playing for the other team?

  7. I think what sticks with me most is the look of satisfaction on Sayid's face as he exits the temple.

  8. I feel like the writers are having a little fun with us as the viewers, offering us the same temptation that Smoke-Locke is offering the castaways: "Join me and I will give you the answers to whatever your heart desires, and show you my take-charge, action-driving attitude."

    Whereas Jacob, while seeming more benevolent, is also more distant and not one to provide easy answers. The Jacob-as-God and MiB-as-Lucifer metaphor becomes stronger with each passing episode

  9. Additionally, I wonder if the seeming incongruous (and uninformed) behavior of the Others as compared to Jacob is a sly commentary on the followers of religion: zealous in their devotion but often laboring under incorrect notions of what is wanted of them.

  10. Re Dogen's death: I got the sense that it was similar to Jacob's, in that the MiB needed someone to kill for him. It's as though each death allows Anti-Locke to advance to the next stage. Is he still proceeding according to "the rules?"

  11. Just not sure what's next on the plate ... I guess get Richard? (why would he need an army for that?)

    And perhaps the ultimate Jack / Sawyer slugfest? (which Kate will ref?)

    Had the same wow feeling last night... that was just a lot of fun!

    The oscer for last night though goes to Martin Keemy! (sorry I don't know the actor's real name)I just thought his performace was tremendous and I can see his future in tough guy gangster movies as a bright one.


  12. Joel,

    The actor's name is Kevin Durand. He plays terrific slimeballs in "3:10 to Yuma" and "Walking Tall."

    I'll write more about this tomorrow in the Back To The Island column for Chud, but it occurs to me that Anti-Locke/MiB may need a group of people to help him move/destroy something that's laying in the middle of the jungle....

    Thanks for reading!

  13. I agree about Anti-Locke needing people to kill those to help him win. The Young Boy with blood on his hands from a few weeks back seemed to warn Anti-Locke that he couldn't kill him.. which I would assume he was talking about Dogen.. where as Anti Locke is all "don't tell me what I can't do"... I have a feeling that Anti-Locke is obviously cheating to prove Jacob wrong.. and Jacob knows this, obviously, that's why he's not so worried because in the end he will be proven right.

  14. So, I know she's typically hated and all, but what do y'all think Kate does at the end: go with Claire or flee? The look on F-Locke's face when he saw her was...interesting. Was that surprise? Satisfaction?

    I've also been looking at the "Last Supper" pics for hints. If we assume that they do hold clues then Kate has joined F-Locke, as will Richard and Ilyana (!), but Miles will switch with Claire?!? Oh, Lost, you make my head ache!

    I did like Darleton's comment yesterday though that they feel like contestants on Top Chef rushing to complete their masterpiece with ingredients they picked 6 years ago (paraphrasing here).

  15. Awesome, awesome episode. Smokey's killing spree was one of Lost's most exhilarating moments to date, and the whole 'catch a falling star' thing was wonderfully creepy. My personal highlight: the look on Ben's face when Sayid turned round by the fountain.

    It's interesting that both Ben and Sayid have now commited very similar murders with Jacob and Dogen, but while Ben seems to feel guilt, Sayid seems to have done the exact opposite and embraced his crime. It really does seem as though Sayid is denied redemption in any reality, which is very sad.

    Despite Fake Locke's seemingly increasingly evil behaviour I still can't buy Jacob as a 'good' guy. Dogen's backstory (assuming he was telling the truth - and he isn't Ben so I'll choose to believe him) made it sound as though he was manipulated into coming to the island and just as much as a pawn as anyone else.

    I wonder whether the ultimate endgame will see both Jacob and the Man in black needing to be destroyed in order to for the Losties to be truly free to live out your second snake in the mailbox theory. Maybe Jack can smash their faces with with a spyglass when they say something he doesn't like.

    Oh and Keamy's egg speech was fantastic. Looking forward to this review alot.

  16. anyone else feel any similarities between Sayid going all Episode 3 on the temple? Has he finally become "Darth Sayid"? Think about it.. both were swindled by old evil dudes by using the one they loved as bait to get them to the Dark Side.. and then they go storm a temple. I hope they didn't kill any "younglings"!

  17. Just spitballing here, but I find myself wondering if the show's frequent references to "Catch a Falling Star" relate to Lucifer.

    Lucifer does come from the Latin for "light-bearer" after all, and he did "fall" both figuratively and literally.

    Coincidence or connection..?

    (Come to think of it, I'm surprised that I don't remember reading that anywhere else.)

  18. At some point or another, Doc Jenson stated that "Catch A Falling Star" may be related to a myth from ancient Greece dealing with resurrection, how the dead choose new forms and then fall to earth like stars. More recently (Twitter), he postulated that it may relate to Jacob's efforts to "catch" those falling souls that MIB shoots out of sky.

    Did anybody else notice the final slo-mo shot/sequence of Anti-Locke exiting the area contains an Other chewing gum in the background?