Monday, March 15

Where's Sawyer?

It's been a while since we've seen Sawyer on the show. He popped up last during The Substitute where he appeared to be Anti-Locke's first recruit. So, what's he been up to since then?

Leave your thoughts on what our favorite con artist has been doing in the comments section. The person with the best theory and/or the theory that's closest to the truth will win a to-be-determined prize. Extra points will be awarded for originality and accuracy.

Get yer thinkin' helmets on!


  1. Obviously he's been tidying up the hydra island in anticipation of the new recruits.

    That place was a mess and he and Flocke have guests!

    I wonder if we will see fishbiscuits again? Or a bear.

    Then again ... he could very well have simply passed out after the cave ordeal ...remember he was piss drunk before MIB showed up. 2 episode hangover?

  2. I think we'll be seeing a Sawyer episode this week and it'll probably kick ass!!

  3. My guess is that he has been spending time with Jin (while Jin's leg heals) planning on how to get off this island before crazy Claire and MiB kill them both. If he is on Hydra he is going through the luggage compartment like Season 1, grabbing all the choice reading materials.

  4. He's doomed to spend the rest of the final season down in "Jabob's" Cave. The ladder broke on the way down and Smokey has no way of taking him back up without revealing he's Smokey... unless that spaceship I was terrified they were going to find down there exists after all, in which case he could be pretty much anywhere. I kind of like the idea of a Sawyer-centric on Mars.

  5. Sawyer was extremely concerned for Claire when they lost her in Season 4, so it would suck if he was pretty flip about her now. Though I guess he has sufficiently been reset to wounded jerk. And she's scary as Hell. But man, he's got to feel bad about that too.

    I think the main reason for the absence is that it gave the audience time to feel like it's been weeks since Juliet died (even though it seems like a couple of days only on the show). So he had his mourning episodes and while still upset, it will not seem all that strange to have him moving on to other things. I don't think they'll ignore it or blow it off, but it's not going to be his main on-island theme anymore.

  6. Based on season one parallels, he might be... building a boat from pieces of the crashed flight?

    Maybe he has been locked up in the bear cages until SmokeyLocke could return from his errands at the temple? This is unlikely, as it would not build rapport.

  7. As much as I've been thoroughly entertained this season with the both on-island and off-island events I really have been disappointed with seeing Jacob/MiB as the only big players. I realize this is where they may be headed with the overarching theme of good v. evil and the history the two have had on the island but I can't help but miss the old Locke or the classic Sawyer v. Jack.

    I don't want to seem as I'm complaining too much because the season really has been great with the exception of those couple of LA sequences that grew somewhat tiresome. It's also possible that with the arrival of Widmore last week and the inevitable appearance of Desmond still beyond the horizon I may have no cause for concern.

    Basically I just miss the old character feuds and I feel as though I may be getting something cheaper this season than what maybe we deserve as fans.

  8. I'd guess he's been interacting with Jin. They were fellow Dharma Initiative members for three years, so I'd imagine they'd gotten pretty close. Locke did say he was going to be on the Hydra island, so they must have a boat of some sort. (Maybe one of the canoes that Karl used to have?) Sawyer could just be hanging around waiting for instructions.

    I never really liked the Sawyer/Juliet relationship because it seemed very out of nowhere, and never felt genuine to me. So while I understand that he is sad for her death and that will obviously affect his behavior from here on out, I really am hoping for the focus to be on other aspects of his character/his relationships with the other characters in the remaining episodes. And I am also hoping he doesn't start abandoning the people he's come to know over the years on the island, since I really enjoyed his protective side that starting coming out in the later seasons.

  9. Excellent thoughts, as usual.

    You're the first person to say that to me about Sawyer/Juliet, LittleScarfGirl. I'm personally a fan of that coupling, but I agree that I'm hoping to see something of the protective/noble Sawyer, and I suspect that we will.


    The title to tonight's episode implies that on-Island and/or off-Island Sawyer are still conning people. I'm hoping that we'll discover Sawyer's been conning the MiB.


    That's a valid point, though I don't have the same problems with the emergence of Jacob and the MiB as this season's prime movers. Here's my reasoning: the show has always focused on themes of manipulation, control, choice, "destiny" and sacrifice. This season, those themes are brought directly to the surface, and doing so (to me) helps to emphasize the idea of these people as players in a hidden war. It changes everything that we've seen previously in terms of re-watching the show, and it retroactively acts to answer questions and raise a public debate about the free will/determinism conundrum. I dig all of that.


    Love the idea that Sawyer is building a raft, mirroring Season 1. It makes sense too, given that Hydra is where Ajira landed and Ajira offers no shortage of material for boat-building. I also like the idea that Sawyer's back in the bear cage.


    Yes! Yes it is!


    I like the image of Sawyer dusting Ben's old office in an apron.

  10. I like Erik's boat-building idea just for symmetry's sake. Although it'd also be kind of interesting if we see them grab one of the outriggers and head over to Hydra Island, only to run into and start taking shots at our favorite time-traveling outrigger-riders from season five.

    I also wonder if there's any chance Sawyer and Alpert crossed paths again after The Substitute. Both went missing for a while and the timing seems to line up, but I'm not particularly sure why those two would be hanging out together after Crazy Eyes Richard failed to get Sawyer to go back to the Temple with him.

  11. Another idea -- Sawyer is on lookout. LockeSmokeFace knows "they're coming", but he is a busy guy, so he has Sawyer looking out at the horizon for something or someone...

  12. Looks like the closest guess was Edward's - he guessed that Sawyer was spending time with JIn as Jin's leg healed.

    Congrats, Edward! Shoot me an email by using the link in my "Follow that bird" post. I'll be in touch to arrange your prize.