Friday, March 19

Too Much Information Is Coming

Tune in early next week for the newest edition of Too Much Information, where I'll be talking about Season 6, Science and Faith, and Mirrors. Past columns can be found right here on the main page, in the sidebar directly to your right.


  1. First Jackface, now Richardface.. or for short.. Dickface.. I keed! Can't wait! BTW, how many references to Batmanuel will you have in the rewatch column for this one??

  2. Hey Morse, I know this is a little unrelated, but when will we see your Hiroyuki Sanada interview?

  3. Rodney,

    None, sadly, as I've never seen the live-action Tick show. This is a form of secular heresy, I know, but weirdly my love for the animated and drawn versions of The Tick has so far kept me from checking out the Patrick Warburton/Nestor Carbonell version (I'm afraid I'll hate it).

    I intend to remedy that after Lost is over.


    I've been asked to hold off on publishing the interview until Sanada's new film comes out (early April). I had no idea that Lost was going to kill him off, and I didn't get the interview up before he died, so they'd like to connect it with his next upcoming project.

    May I suggest that you follow me on Twitter? I use it to send out occasional news about the site, including information about just this very question. Thanks much for reading!

  4. I felt the same way about the Tick too, but enjoyed the live action version just as much as the comic and cartoon when I finally made the plunge to check it out. Carbonell is awesome, he was the best part of Killer Movie (which doesn't exactly live up to its name, though it is praised in some geek message boards).
    To change directions a bit, I remember reading a while back (and this was probably first season) that Sun was supposed to be the main character of the show and she was going to be a nurse and then Matthew Fox joined the cast and the rest is history... and also that Matthew Fox wasn't originally going to be on for the long-term and he was gonig to be killed off. Do you plan on getting into the original intentions of Lost?
    In our sideways world, a Lost that only lasted long enough to become a mini-series like Jericho. And you'd be doing a Jericho rewatch blogspot.. it would be interesting what idea was pitched and how it all came together to what we know today.

  5. Rodney,

    I'm happy to talk about the genesis of Lost, but I feel like the subject's been pretty adequately covered by people who are smarter/more well-known than I am. I was aware that Jack was originally supposed to be killed off in the pilot (and would likely have been played by Michael Keaton had that been the case), but not that Sun was potentially the lead at one point.

  6. An interesting tidbit I picked up from a Bill Simmons podcast with Klosterman was in the middle of Season 3 there was a tremendous division in the writer's room as to the direction of the show. One half wanted the show to be more SciFi, and the other group wanted to focus more on relationships and keeping the show more mainstream. This conflict is what got the producers to set an end date, in order for both camps to focus their plot lines and desires toward an ending. Clearly the Sci-Fi writers did a better job of steering the show than the mainstream group.

  7. I don't think Sun was meant to be the lead, rather the actress that plays her originally auditioned for the part of Kate. She was another one of those actors who auditioned, didn't get the role but impressed the casting so much that a role was written for her.

  8. These are really interesting tidbits, guys. I'm going to make a post to gather them up.