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The Candidate (S6, ep. 14)

The Back to the Island column for The Candidate has been boobytrapped for your reading pleasure on


  1. Morse,

    Brilliant work, particularly on the second snippet. Jack's arc the past two seasons has brought me a lot of satisfaction. Learning that there are things you simply can not control and that there is a difference between "letting go" and "abandoning" has been something I've had to do myself the last few years. Watching Jack undergo a similar transformation has been a highlight of the entire show for me.

  2. Bravo SIR! I like where you are going and cannot wait to read the rest of it.

  3. Nice work...
    you hint at it and I think one of things I liked about Sayid's death was he was finally willing to let go of what he had been promised. Flocke had been promising him Nadia all season to act like the killer, but he finally was redeemed by Desmond which allowed his self-sacrifice...

    Something that has bothered me since I realized it- why is Jacob coming back as a ghost to direct Hurley around? Doesn't this violate his no-involvement policy? Thoughts?

  4. Todd,

    Jacob has been limited-involvement, but he hasn't been no-involvement. If he didn't involve himself at all, these people presumably would never be on the island in the first place.

    And notice that Jacob's ghost hasn't appeared to them since "The Lighthouse" when he got Hurley to get Jack out of the Temple and to take him to the lighthouse to receive his epiphany. Since then, everything has been Jack's own decisions at work. Before that, his only appearance was to Hurley telling him to get Sayid to the Temple to be healed.

    Kind of makes you wonder just how much of what has played out since then Jacob had planned for all along. Maybe Sayid needed to be alive so that he could sacrifice himself on the sub to save his friends.

  5. @ Greg- the only problem is Jacob said " I want them to help themselves." "Why shoud I have to step in?" I realize we are talking shades of grey but when you are dealing with obvious absolutes like the show is talking about, he did just call the MIB evil or darkness after all- it means that rules become worthless.
    This show is a GREAT commentary on religion

  6. Lost, explained:

  7. So I'm one of those crazy people that at the beginning of Season 6 was looking for similarities between Vincent and Jacob, and there roles and them possibly being connected. I had completely stopped thinking about this for the last few weeks, well since season 6 began, and then it hit me. We haven't seen Vincent since Jacob died. Now this could be a complete coincidence as we haven't seen Rose or Bernard in the on-island timeline since then either, but I just thought that it was worth mentioning.

    Great post as usual Morse.

  8. Great Column, as always Morse!

    @ Todd and Greg - Simply stated, Hurley is the new "Richard". Hurley is acting in an advisory role, stepping in where Jacob cannot.

    I am in full agreement regarding the rules, where Sawyer tampered with the bomb, therefore allowing it to go off, which is exactly what MiB was counting on. Since MiB could not feel his tie to the island deminish, he then knew some of the candidates survived.

    I am not too sure about the rule being that the candidates cannot kill themselves. Yes, Jack lit the dynamite, but Richard was the only one that was given the gift to live forever. Another supporting factor would be, Michael back in Season 4 could not shoot himself. But if this IS the case. the question I have is, How would Jack be able to fall off a cliff, and Hurley, provoked by MiB (as Christian and Dave respectively) in the past?

  9. Something crazy I had to share! A pic confirming Kate's name crossed out in the cave!

    This was taken off of Jorge Garcia's (Hurley)blog on Geronimo Jack's Beard. AWESOME stuff there. Check it out... on this same site as you Morse...

    There is even a spot where you can request an interview Morse!

  10. JDR22 Here...

    Another great write-up, MMorse!

    I've finally made peace with Sun and Jin's death. I am surprised how it affected me. I know it's just a TV show, but damn...

    I agree that we need to learn how/why Sayid was resurrected, what the "darkness" is that was growing inside of him and Claire, and what the point of infection was for LOST (dating back to Rousseau).

    For them to emphasize it so late in the series, it needs to have a reason for being. That said, I'm confident that we'll be given that reason, but it may tie into series-end revelations.

    Also (and I'm not a Kate Lover or Hater), I thought I remember you stating that Kate was your second favorite character on LOST. It's possible that I'm completely wrong. Either way, I don't think Kate is simply relegated to pouting and prolonging the "love triangle".

    I think Kate may be a Dark Horse, and I think there will be a lot of development with her character. To me, they have downplayed the love triangle this season (thank God). I don't hate romance, but I don't need it to be there just-because. I think she genuinely loves Jack, and if they decide to emphasize that again, I won't protest (as long as they do it well).

    I'm totally looking forward to tonight's episode, but am slightly nervous. Nothing they have done so far makes me think they'll screw it up, but I just hope that what we learn is profound and appropriate.

    Like Jack, I have faith that the writer's will pull it all together, and that it won't blow up in our face.

  11. JDR, thanks for chiming in!

    "I thought I remember you stating that Kate was your second favorite character on LOST. It's possible that I'm completely wrong."

    You are, in point of fact, completely wrong. ;)

    Kate's never been a favorite for me. Ever. But I gained renewed appreciation for her character on rewatch, and I don't harbor the hate in my heart that some folks seem to have regarding Ms. Austen.

    Jack, Hurley, Ben and Locke have consistently been the characters I most enjoy watching/thinking about.

  12. I think you're right about Kate's role, by the way. I think she's going to have major importance in the endgame.

  13. Yea she will. Probably by doing something she was asked not to do, pitting in with the her character arc, the "breaking free from doing what we are told", a true wild card.

  14. I think we've already seen Kate do what Kate will do -- she "went back" for Claire in the sideways.

    My guess: Before we find out why everyone goes sideways, it will be established as an important question / hinging plot moment -- if Kate had it all to do over again she would ensure Claire and Aaron were looked after?

  15. JDR22 Here...

    @MMorse - My bad. I guess it's not kosher to accuse someone of liking Kate. ;-)

    Though she's not my favorite either, I don't understand the hate she gets from some fans. Oh well.

    We're almost Across the Sea...

  16. Darth Sillynous here -

    Where did the discussion post go for tonight's episode go????? Page Not Found?????