Wednesday, May 12

Reminder: Have A Beer With MMorse


That was a lot of fun.

My thanks to The Colonel, Gravyboat, Peyton, Dan and Sabrica for making the trip downtown. We had vastly divergent views on last night's episode, ranging from love to, well, not-love and yet, despite this, there were a total of zero fistfights. Take that, MiB.

Hopefully you folks enjoyed yourselves as well.

Original Post:

When: Tonight! At 7 PM!

Where: Professor Thom's, located on 2nd Avenue between 13th and 14th streets

I'll be in a purple Vikings baseball cap, and I'll have a drink in hand. Come on by, say hello, and let's discuss some Lost. Bring a friend if you'd like. Remember to treat your fellow fans with the same respect you'd like to be treated with.


  1. I had a great time, guys. Nice to meet you all.

  2. Glad to hear it, Colonel. Thanks for bringing your friend. The both of you were great to talk with.

  3. Yeah, it was great. Many thanks MMorse for setting it up! Maybe we can do a post Lost finale gathering.