Friday, May 21

What They Died For (S6, ep. 16)

The Back to the Island column for What They Died For has been given vague, magical, Island-protecting powers for your reading pleasure on


  1. Great column as always, Morse.

    One comment, I think that Jacob never did live in that cabin. We saw him living in the foot when the Black Rock arrived, and again in the show's present day. I can't see him moving from that sturdy foot to that flimsy cabin for a few years after Dharma was wiped out.

  2. Hey Morse,

    Obviously I have an exciting Friday night going on here. One other comment. I too loved the line about Kate's name and why it was crossed out. I saw a second reason behind that, however. I think Jacob might have been leery of putting another foster mother in charge of the island, given how poorly the last time ended.

    Is it sunday night yet?

  3. Awesome job on the recap. The repeated reference to Desmond facepunching everyone into enlightenment was hilarious.

  4. Thanks Morse. I'm going to miss reading your recaps, but thankfully there are other writings to look forward to.

    My money on who got Desmond out of the well is on the Nadlers - also bumped up from 1977 at the same time as the Jughead castaways and now certainly not the Adam and Eve skeletons. I imagine that well isn't that far from their hut, and they just happened to find him when getting water. That or Vincent sniffed him out.

    Meanwhile, I'm hoping against hope that Miles and Claire run into each other in the jungle and confer on what was going on with her at the end of Season 4 - what he saw/heard and what happened to her after.

  5. Damnit, double M. Got myself spiritually prepared for the big finale on Sunday, and you had to shove the ending of this blog into the forefront, basically harshing my mellow. lol
    I keep getting caught ruminating farther and farther into these eps as I read your blog, and came to two conclusions. First: I need to invest in a DVR (FU Comcast) and second: Who the hell needs a DVR, when, as I read your column, the whole episode comes to life again in my minds eye. So ahead of time, thank you for pouring out your thoughts to page, and thank you for the Jack-face captures (anyone who equates Matthew Fox with Party of Five in the future is a tool) and thank you for the time you've invested in this little corner of the interwebz. We needed it, and you delivered. And yeah, I'm with Nyarlathotep, two-fisted enlightenment is worthy of a blog in its own right. See you at the end, Brotha'

  6. Great stuff. Nailed the "let's generate discussion component." Morse inspired or not, Lost is worthy of philosophy/religion classes.

    Only issue:
    "Didn’t they all have choices they were capable of making leading up to their arrival which would have made them happier, more content, and thus, ineligible for Candidacy?"

    so presumably, their candidacy was predicated on being "lost?"

    "At what point should they concede that none of them would be on the Island at all had they lived their pre-Island lives in ways that gave them purpose and meaning and contentment?"

    the question's and Jacob's response are too subjective- just as you discuss that some things will not appear good, as much as jacob glosses over their "lostness"- he never addresses Sawyer's first question... what gave him the right?

    "That’s what Jacob told the Candidates last night – he picked them because they needed the Island as much as it needed them. And he’s inarguably right about that as far as I’m concerned."

    er, no- not inarguably... again, this was his subjective look and more to the point... assuming he BROUGHT the people (which is always implied or suggested, but never explained how- i prefer the thought that in his island omniscience, he knows who will come and he has the tools to judge their capacity- he was able to leave, use the lighthouse to see their pre-island lives, and even mess with them)
    if he brought them, then he knew or should have known their capacity- you presume that Sawyer's life would have sucked without the island. Sawyer is probably gonna tell ya, it sucked with the island. Maybe maybe not, but he should have the freedom to make that call right? Not that the call is right or wrong, but just the freedom to make WITHOUT Jacob interfering...

    "How would Sawyer’s life have ended, had he NOT crash-landed on the Island? It would have ended badly, in all likelihood – with our favorite con man bleeding out in an alley, or locked in jail again, or pursuing Cooper ‘til they were both dead, literally and/or figuratively."

    Even if we assume their lives were LOST before they came to the island, this demi-god placed huge impediments in their understanding of what they might have been doing there. This is still my biggest problem- but then again he is NOT god... as most would assume he is

    my brain is going to explode... too much for early morning Satruday before coffee