Tuesday, May 11

Stylish, Ab Aeterno

Tee Fury is a site devoted to showcasing one cheap, limited-edition T-shirt each and every day. Sometimes these are game-related, sometimes they are film-related. Typically, Tuesday is their "Lost day."

I haven't been inspired to pick up any of their creations during this season, but today's offering, designed by M. Brady Clark, snared me. Maybe it'll snare you too. The design is posted directly above, and I'm a fan. If you're interested in purchasing it you can visit the Tee Fury site by clicking this link. At $9 (plus $2 in shipping and handling) it's a good deal. Remember: It's a one day thing. This time tomorrow, it'll be Lost to you.

1 comment:

  1. They do great work at Tee Fury. My fiancee got one they did with a Shepherd Fairey-style Hurley, with "DUDE" instead of "HOPE," a few weeks ago. It's fantastic. This one looks too good to pass up, too, but I'd rather have it as a poster.