Friday, May 7

Have A Beer With MMorse

Hey, folks.

Next week brings the arrival of "Across The Sea," potentially the most brain-shattering episode of Lost yet. While I'm sure that we'll get a ton of great conversation started right here on Back to the Island, I'd like to invite those of you in the NYC area to join me on the night of Wednesday, May 12th, to relax, kick back, order a beer, and chat about our shared obsession.

Where: Professor Thom's, on 2nd Avenue between 13th and 14th street

When: Wednesday, May 12th, starting at 7pm.

I'll be the guy in the purple Minnesota Vikings baseball cap. Come on by, grab a cold one, and let's talk about what's sure to be a fascinating installment of the show. Shoot me an email if you're interested, so I know how many people to expect.




  1. Excellent. I'll try to make it.

  2. Please do. It'd be a pleasure to say hello.

    Feel free to bring a friend.

  3. Would love to join you, but Austin, TX is a long way from NYC. Have a blast though!

  4. Because I live in Tampa Fl and am not able to take a trip to NYC.

  5. I, too, wish I could come grab a drink with my favorite Lost blogger! But I live in Lawrence, Kansas. Not exactly a short trip for me :) can't wait for the new episode though! And your sure to be fantastic write up!