Friday, May 28

The End: An Update

Hola, all.

The good news: I'm really enjoying this column. I think you will too.

The bad news: It won't be up until Tuesday morning, after the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Why? Well, it mostly comes down to me deciding that I don't want to post it in two parts. At this point, what was Part I is in pretty good shape, but the structure of the whole thing sort of demands that it post as one (enormous and over-long) piece, and Part II is still an ill-formed, shambling mess (moreso than usual). It also comes down to my wanting more time with it. There's a lot I want to say, and I'd like to say it well.

I don't see this as being a huge deal in terms of "missing the window of discussion" on the finale, since folks are still hotly debating it all over the 'net. That's not going to change over the next 2-3 days, and I feel comfortable taking the time to construct the entirety of it for your (and my) pleasure. I do, however, realize that some of you really look forward to my ramblings and so I apologize for the delay.

I hope that's understood, and as always I appreciate your patience with me.




  1. No worries, take your time! There were countless immediate reactions to the finale, so it'll be nice to see one that's had time to be really thought out.

    Moreso than with most finales or episodes or television, my feelings towards this one have gradually changed the more I've thought about it, so it'll be nice to read your take a bit after the fact.

    Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Thanks, Katie. Enjoy the long weekend!

  3. Yes I agree with Katie ... your column will be a breath of fresh air after all that I have been reading on the net. I will "be patient" and would rather you take your time so that you can complete your (long) masterpiece.

    I will more than likely post a link to your column everywhere I go.

    Not sure if you all have seen, ABC has apologized for airing the final shot of the wreckage during the credits of the finale. It was not meant to be part of the story. Funny! Now maybe all of those "fans" will stop saying that the castaways have been dead all series long.

    Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend... Namaste!

  4. (AUDIBLE SOUND OF EXACERBATION) Okay. I think I can make it.

  5. "ABC has apologized for airing the final shot of the wreckage..." That, above all the other things that have rippled out from the series finale, had me laughing uncontrollably. Why would anyone apologize for airing a brilliant piece of work in it's intended form. I truly wish in this day and age we could do away with the apologist attitude that seems to have swept the nation. Make a decision, even if it may be an awful one in someones eyes, and live with the consequences. That final pan actually gave me a little hope that there might be something more forthcoming for the story, either in the release of the show in it's entirety, or a possible re-visiting somewhere in the future(or past, or sideways...)
    Not to say that apologizing doesn't have it's merits, but for a company to cower and grovel to what seems to be the least common denominator in it's cross-section of fans of the series just seems like so much stiptic on a wound that's already bled out.
    MM, can't wait for the final entry, and hope you and yours, and everyone here, has a safe and relaxing holiday weekend.

  6. That's an interesting way to look at it RAR. I'd disagree somewhat though - I don't think ABC was apologizing for airing a work in its intended form, or that they were cowering and groveling to anyone, or that they were unhappy with the reaction to the ending of Lost. The shots of the wreckage were not supposed to be there according to the people who actually make Lost, so I think ABC was simply offering an apology for accidentally infringing upon the ending intended by the writers.

  7. Morse, take all the time you need. I eagerly anticipate the levelheadedness and thoughtfulness of your column, a quality I find most of the post-finale reactions severly lacking. I don't think I'm the only who feels like your column will provide much needed perspective on a show that some (like some of your Chud colleagues...coughcoughFaracicoughcough) seem to have dismissed.

    Not to mention, waiting until Tuesday just gives me more time to hold onto the beast that is LOST for just a little longer. One last LOST-Tuesday! How fitting.

    P.S. Morse, I can't thank you enough for the work and passion you've put into this column. I really feel that it's a sublime reflection of what it is that makes LOST so great. As both a writer and think-of-crazy/crazyawesome-thoughts, you have a style that really elevates this show to a level that I feel a lot of people miss. Enough gushing...get the damn thing done. LOL.

    -Mr. Moo

  8. @katie1421. Yeah, lol, I sort of threw all that out there without really clarifying. Been trying to limit the amount of press I read on the subject, here and unfiction being the only folks that even discuss it in a thoughtful, informed way. Went on a tangent about sheeple, and all I really had in mind was that the whole situation was funny. :)

    but I ain't apologizin' ;)

  9. Sam, I agree. I generally respect and agree with Devin, but he somehow fell into the ridiculously myopic answers camp, and his general nerdy bitterness has really crept through this time.

    Is the finale flawed? Sure. But the guy exhibited anger that he's normally reserved for things like the Twilight series.

    Anyway, Morse, we all look forward to the article.

  10. A phrase I almost BEG you to use, I couldn't help but say it to myself during the final church scene, and I think it nicely sums up the entire final episode (and philosophy of the show);

    Live Together, Die together.

    I'd also like to point out that Vincent showing up so Jack didn't (physically) die alone was very classy. The way he sits down and just waits is rather moving.

    - Will Donelson

  11. ABC reran the finale tonight and the shots of the wreckage were still there over the credits. odd that they'd apologize and then do it again.
    also, they aired the entire thing in 2 hrs and 5 minutes, which pretty much shows this whole 2 1/2 hour thing was a way to sell more commercials not to tell more story. doesn't matter to me either way, as i loved what story we got as much if not more the second time around.
    they aired it as a pop up episode, until about the last half hour and at that point the pop ups stopped. seems the producers still don't want us to know for sure what they had in mind for the ending. would have been fun to test my week's worth of theorizing about the end against their answers, but oh well.

  12. that's OK, Morse. Good things come to those who wait, right?

  13. @RAR - I agree with you about the pandering to the pussification of America. Make s decision, stick to it, and deal with the consequences. In this regard it is hilarious! However, I am with Katie in the fact the wreckage wasn't there from the writers perspective, it was an ABC thing. The afterglow of that shot raised so much confusion from a story telling angle, it was right to put the viewers questions to rest in this regard.

    Sam = Correct

    @Will - Live Together, Die Together = perfect! I thought it funny that the entire series kept referring back to the infamous Jack statement, then he ends up dying ...alone! Fabulous!

    @Armand - The pop-ups are not written by the writers of the show. I believe it is just an ABC thing, but none-the-less, I am upset I missed it. I am not surprised about the runtime. The commercial space was rediculous during the original. We all made fun that the extra 1/2 hour was for commercials, looks like we were correct.

    Happy Lost Day! Can't wait to read the column to fill the void...

  14. I must have checked CHUD about 5 times already. Argh Morse why can't you live in England, damn evil time zones!!! Hope it's up before I go to bed.

  15. Where or where is the Chud column? I actually have to do some real work instead of lapping up what you have to say.

    Hurry, Morse! Hurry!

  16. @Darth. Yep, I'm seeing it from yours and Katies POV, at least in regards to the creative teams input on the final shot, no argument. Now, though, wondering if the exec's didn't have that shot placed in there as some sort of leverage against the creators to keep the show open-ended. Just looking back at the footage seemed to show footsteps in the sand. Take it with a grain of salt and all that. I loved the closure the show provided, but perhaps ABC isn't ready to completely let go of their cash-cow just yet. Which makes their apology all the more disingenuous.

  17. JDR22 Here...

    One week later: still love it.

    Looking forward to your post, MMorse.

  18. come on, Morse. i thought you said tuesday MORNING. Where are you, in Japan?

  19. Yeah, I have to say... little disappointed, man. You're holding out on us, and we're junkies in need of a fix.

  20. In bed now and still no column. I'm a sad panda

  21. Ok Morse, now this has gone from "Oh, let's give him a chance to put his best out here, he deserves our patience" to "um, ok, what's happening?" to "WTF, Morse! It's freaking TUESDAY NIGHT and still no column? At least give us a freaking sign that it's forthcoming!"


  22. :-(

    Morse failed us. He lied. . . . he lied.

  23. Usually when he doesn't at least poke his head on to update us at the promised time, it means real-world shit is happening and our Lost boners will have to sit unabated yet another day.

    I just hope all is well with MMorse. Because if he died and I gotta wait until my f-wording flash-sideways to get his thoughts on the finale, I'm gonna drive this car right into the lake!

    The car being a metaphor for my face and the lake being a metaphor for my industrial blender.

    Metaphors are fun.

  24. Steve, your comment made me laugh. I like that.

    Morseyman. You gotta post this column, those turds at Chud are jumpin all over your shit, and not only is it making me sad, it's making me not want to go there and check for updates. But I got your back, those meanies can suck it. :)

    sorry for the crudeness ... I'm just that kinda girl. Drunk, that is.

  25. Morse is no more. Clearly he has been kidnapped and or is dead. But fear not! I will take over writing the Lost Rewatch. Here's a sneak peak:

    "As Jack leaped into the air, preparing to land a final blow on his nemesis, the episode cut to a commercial. Clearly the gods did not want us mere mortals to witness our hero slay that leviathan too soon, and so they kept Jack's life hanging in the balance. I am reminded by a passage of Sartre's...".

    See? It's as good as written.


  26. Morse!!

    Oh, how you make us shiver with anticip..........PATION!

  27. @Slamboni word. There are some idiots lurking on CHUD. I hope I never become bitter enough to spend my time actively hating a tv show and it's fans.

  28. @Steve - That was great! Metaphors really are fun! By "fun" I mean frustrating, and by "metaphors" I mean waiting for Morse's column!!

    Just kidding Morse - I hope all is well with you and that nothing bad happened. Were you kidnapped by all the "hater" fans? So that they made sure a quality post didn't hit the net?

    @Slamboni - Drunk is as fun as metaphors!

  29. So sorry, guys! I was slammed at work yesterday and it kept me from having the time to go around posting updates and finishing introductions and whatnot. There are excerpts for the column up now, and it's been submitted to Eileen for posting today.

    This isn't my day job, and its all done on my free time. Anyone at Chud who can't/won't understand that isn't worth bothering with as far as I'm concerned.

    I so appreciate your sticking around and maintaining patience (however tenuous with me). My sincere thanks for that.

  30. Don't apologize, MM. Was well worth the wait. I'm sure the book will be, as well.
    A work done out of love for a subject, for a group of folks who care to listen, doesn't require a whole lot of by-the-numbers. You got us to the End. Thanks, man.

  31. Oh, yeah. If you were thinking about waiting till The Complete Set was out to finish the book, that would be swell by me. Just one voice, but I'd rather see a work that was completed with all the "quackers" in line, lol.