Monday, May 10

Lost With Cuse, Lindelof and the New York Times

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Back to the Island reader "Gravyboat," I'll be attending the live simulcast of Times Talks Live: Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, moderated by New York Times entertainment editor Lorne Manly (who, I can only assume, has a cousin named Max Power).

I'll be reporting on the event, after the fact, right here on Back to the Island. The Times is accepting questions from us regular folks before the event, so if you've got something you'd like to ask Cuse or Lindelof, submit it here:

After the show both men are switching to "radio silence," and won't be speaking to the press for a while; this is your chance to try and have your question(s) answered before they vanish.

Include your name and your location (City and State) with your submitted queries.

My thanks to Gravyboat for totally making my day.


  1. Thank You Gravyboat!!! And Thank YOU Morse for also sharing this. I can't believe they are going to take questions. I wonder if they are going to disappear for a while in fear of what us fans will think of the finale! I can see it now, the island IS on the moon! Damn you Cuse and Lindelof!!! (shakes fist in the air)

  2. That's awesome. I don't actually have a question at this point - just enjoying the ride Lost is providing.

  3. When is this the deadline for questions?

  4. No idea, D. I'd send yours in now.

  5. That's awesome, Morse! Take some pics, if you can.

    Since they'll be bombarded with LOST-specific questions, I want to know what they're plannign on doing job-wise afetr a well-deserved post-LOST vacation.

  6. wow my middle of the night typing sucks!

  7. Hey Morse,

    Thanks for soliciting our opinions on questions. My number one Lost question is if Mr. Cuse and Mr. Lindelof can provide any examples of times when they had to tweak or retcon something they'd planned early on as the story evolved?

    Have a great time!

  8. Greg,

    Sorry for any confusion - if you want to submit your questions you'll need to email the Times Talks people. That address is

    I'll be an interested observer only, though obviously I've submitted a question of my own. Given the interest that people have in this event, I'd imagine that there will be no shortage of questions for Mr. Lorne Manly to choose from.

  9. I just found out that the interview will be on Thursday May 20th at 8pm.

  10. Morse,

    No worries, I'm just a moron. A moron who doesn't think he can wait another hour for tonight's episode. Gah!


  11. Just saw this post now. Since you issued a public thanks, I'll issue a public "You're welcome."